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  • Duck Hunting and Bass Fishing

    Well its been a while since I posted anything so here goes. A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to take this fine Greenhead on a short duck hunt that I went on. Its hard to beat them ol Greenheads. Im gonna practice mounting him. I've mounted a few and believe me, its a hard thing to master but its fun to do and you can save some money as well.

    So since all this warm weather we been having has been around I got the urge to go fishing a few times. I've caught 15 bass on three different fishing trips to a couple local lakes I like to fish. I took my buddy Wes the second trip and he caught this nice 3 pounder. Me and Wes went hunting with GT back in October and we had a blast! Literally LOL.

    The Third fishing trip was this past Sunday evening. I caught this nice 8 lb. 8 oz bass. It was a great fight and a beautiful fish. I released her to fight another day! Praise the lord for a Great start to 2013!!
    Cool Job!!!
    Uh???? 'Im gonna practice mounting him. I've mounted a few and believe me, its a hard thing to master but its fun to do'... I can picture Ol Wesnile doing this but You???? Wow!!! lol....What's up with them shooting Glasses he has on???? He should have turned that bass around and showed the Bullet hole!!! lol...I did have a blast with you guys!!! If only I would have knew about that 'Bucket' lol It's hard to tell what i would have did lol
    Glasses LMBO
    I actually was wearing them cause it was a dark day and he laughed at em and said they looked stupid. I said thats the pot calling the kettle black aint it LOL. Heck once he tried em on I never got em back. Im sure he is gonna cuss me out for posting his ugly self on here but its all good!! I aint Scared. lol
    welcome back
    Nice to see you back posting on here limb hanger.Those are some nice fish.Can't wait to get back to fishing myself.
    Lol He's a fruit-loop for sure lol, I hope we can all get together and do some Cat-fishing!!!
    I've got three months til turkey time,I hope to fill my cooler with some nice crappie several times before I head out to take my 3rd gobbler,lol.
    And hopefully a few smallmouth trips too.But of course I know you weren't talking about me in the comment about catfishin,lol.
    I can't wait to get up with you and go catch some cats. Dianne, glad to be back on here talking to you fine folks. I aint never left though, just been checking it out occasionally and leaving a few comments.

    I like to see people who take time to add a little story about their pics they post instead of a bad pic and a short sentence. If the harvest or catch is worth posting, then take the time to post a descent pic and story about yourself and what you accomplished. Good hunting and fishing to all!!
    Diane, You know your invited as well...I have been hearing rumors of a few nice Crappie being caught at High Rock but I've yet to try them...I need to get busy on some calls among other things. I got me another Boat Motor but it's a long shaft and I have a short shaft transom so I'm building me a custom Jack-Plate to lift the Motor 5 inches...I was worried since you know where my turkey Honey hole is and you have a Boat to get there and....LOL....I'm just kidding lol...Limbhanger and myself were texting about how ready we already are for Turkey season also...Cant wait!!!!

    Limbhanger, man it will be Fun!!!! When we Duck hunted we rode right past the honey Hole for some Big Catfish!!!!
    I can't wait. Im fixing to go watch Legends turkey dvd now! Then its off to roost. Holla at yaw later.
    When we were deer hunting and you said you wish you had got the bigger backpack,it just ocurred to me why.You need more room to carry all those calls you've been hanging on to,huh? I never did get the other one I ask for 4 times,lol.You better get busy,I predict high demand for those calls the closer to April we get.
    lol What other 1 you asked for? Sorry...Guess i lost my concentration when you was doubting my ability to take a squirrel out with a 270 lol...Send me a text and explain yourself lol...I'm gonna work on some tomorrow for sure.
    i hear ya.
    thats a fat greenhead bo. an nice bass too.

    GT i needa turkey call!!!
    NCDC, Send me a