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  • homemade turkey call for fun


    Watched this video on youtube the other day:

    Make a turkey call with a pill bottle

    and this one too:

    Make a turkey call with bamboo:

    Okay, still working on the bamboo one, but finished the pill bottle call.

    Here's the deal, I probably not going to really use these when I go turkey hunting, but it was just something fun to do on arainy day while waiting for turkey season to get here.

    Deer season is over, I'm not into squirrel or dove hunting, so thise was just a 'just to see if I can do it' project for me>

    The pill bottle I have is slightly larger, so I had to spend quite a bit of time tuning it. Pretty sure a smaller diameter would work better, but I'll be honest, it's my part that needs the most tuning. I have a pretty decent gobble so fat and can cluck pretty good. Still need ALOT practice, but hey - got a couple months to get it right - IF I even ecide to use the call while hunting.
    Scoutfish, That's Cool that you show a interest in such Calls. All you really need is a drinking Straw to talk Turkey lol I make Wing-Bone Calls from The 3 Bones af the wild Turkey...I have also used Deer antlers but It's hard to get the Hole all the way through without messing up lol...Wing-Bone Calls can be a ace in the hole when the Turkeys have heard everything else...The Pill Bottle Call is better known as a 'TUBE' Call or 'Stuff Can'...Mr. Madewell that did the article on my calls for the NCS mag also made very Cool Tube calls and when I gave him a few of mine. he gave me 1 of his...Trick to use but still a neat call....Here's a few Wing-Bones I have made for myself along with The Tube Call that Mr. Madewell gave me.
    Those are nice.
    It wasn't so much that I really was planning on being serious about making calls...I just happened to run across the videos and since I was
    bored , I thought why not?

    It's was something to do, but once I stated playing with it and trying to improve my sound..well......I'm sure you know how that goes.

    Working on a bamboo one right now, but I think it's too large to work. Has an interior diameter of 2 1/4'.
    DIY Calls
    Sorry, I didn't look at the Youtube Videos and just assumed you were talking about a suction type yelper when you mentioned the bamboo and that's why I shared mine but you were talking about Tube calls...Sorry I misunderstood ya but Yeah That's a little large for a Suction Type Yelper but for a Tube Call, You should be Fine..It's a Rather large Tube Call that I shared a pic of compared to a traditional Tube Call...also for the Latex, Buy the cheapest Gloves you can find because I have found that it gives a better sound than the thinker Latex..Have Fun Buddy and it's addictive for sure... By the way...The Old 35MM Film Canisters make a neat little Tube Call also Plus you can snap the lid in place and it will hold your Latex where you position it....Some Turkey will NOT leave Home without a Their Tube call!!...Another Tip is to hold it tight to your Lip like your drinking a soda instead of a loose fit.