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  • My B-Day Present

    This is my black powder rifle and scope that I got for my B-Day from my parents. My B-Day is on Christmas I turned 13.
    That is an awesome Birthday present!! Congrats....Happy Belated Birthday Buddy
    Oh dude! That is nice!
    What caliber, 50?
    Nice!!! Looks like my CVA....Happy Birthday and stay safe!!!
    50 cal
    He's gone to bed but yeah it is a 50 cal.
    We thought we were gonna pic one up @ the DDC this past March and ever since that did not happen I've been trying to find him one that I could afford. I got a good deal on this one on GunBroker.comand the good thing is that it is pretty much like mine so I don't have to buy different sabots and whatnot. He was pretty happy when he opened it and that makes it all worth it to me.
    Nice lookin gun
    Congrats on a good find man. Hope you kill a big un with it next fall!
    Thats a great Birthday gift.Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!!!
    Watch Out!!!!!
    Huntman with a .50 out justine your taxidermist bill is about to go!

    Happy Birthday buddy. 13 was when I killed my first deer but you've already topped that mark with a great buck!

    Justine I'm glad you were able to make it happen for him. It's a shame that some sponsors promise all kinds give aways to get adds in the magazine and when it's time to pony up they back out.