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  • neat pic

    Thought I would share this cool pic with you guys that haven't already seen it.Guy used a tripod to take his pic with his kill and almost had a heart attack when he viewed it when he got home,lol
    That gives me the chills! Just have to wonder is it photoshopped! If not, the flash saved that dudes life! The cat had to be ready for a meal! And obviously wasn't scared of him, when he moved to pose it came right to him!
    Makes you wonder how many times we have been near to danger in the dark woods!
    I have to call Photo-shop also..I mean..of course the hunter looks Calm but the Mountain Lion? Looks like the cat is like...hey!! I wanna be in Pic also lol...Very Cool picture and maybe it is real? Who knows but if it is...He got a Nice Elk and needs to play the lottery lol
    i seen this pic a few years ago. supposedly the guy went on a semi guided hunt an was by himself. he killed the elk an set up his camera an whenever he got home a few days later an uploaded the pictures he found this. said that whenever they dem big elk they field dress em right there so whenever the predators hear a shot they take it as a dinner bell.
    I wonder if cat killed him
    My buddy said he shot a doe and was tracking blood and heard something, squatted down and looked and a coyote was following blood back to him. He shot it! So, this is a believable pic. But, more than likely an anti hunter trying to scare hunters, playing with photoshop.
    About a year ago, I heard these people were camped on a big iceburg. And were found mauled by a polar bear. Probably, smelled their food, and swam to their iceburg!
    I don't have the pic. But near moore's springs near hanging rock. My friend said he knows a guy that got a trail cam pic or video of a black panther killing a deer! Maybe a tall tale! Mountain lions are in NC.
    mountain lions
    Mountain lions are in Western NC and on east coast.A friends son was hunting turkey this year and his mom was in car waiting and saw one jump the fence.When they told this to a man who lives around the area he said a mountain lion had been seen around there by some other people.My Dad says the electric company where he lives on the east coast has cameras at their transformers and have video of panthers circling around the fenced area.
    The pic I posted was not taken in NC and may very well be fake,but there are mountain lions in NC.I just hope I never have the bad luck to see one in person.I guess we never really know what is watching us when were in the woods,Or if our turkey calling may sound good enough to fool preditors to come in looking for a meal,lol.
    @CRH...As I often Do I leave my Foreman on the trailer and walk in to my stands , If I even take it at all but a few years ago I shot a Doe and she dropped, I didn't even go check her out but rather eased out to get my Honda and went back to get her...As I eased into the Field I thought I seen Orange/Yellow Eyes glowing and then I seen the Bright White Eyes of the Doe...I stopped at the deer and turned engine off and could hear rustling circling me...I sat stone still until they got near me again and turned ATV key to on and 2 Big Yotes were trying to take over my kill...From the time I shot her, Climbed Down, Got ATV and got back was less than 15 minutes I'm guessing but as Luck would have it...When I went to get ATV, I left 270 in Truck lol but then again we didn't have a night hunting law back then but these Yotes didn't even act spooked of me until I started the ATV back up...Needless to say, I kept 1 eye behind me until I was back in Truck lol.
    After I got first couple of hunts under my belt at 12. Dad told me halfway to the stands at 5am, 'You know where your stand is, just stay on the trail and you will be fine.' And then he turned and went off toward his stand. I had gotten a PSE compound for my birthday and had a stabilizer with 2 C batteries with red lense. I had played with it so much they were going dead! And I was walking and I started hearing something walking behind me! I would stop and listen, it would take another step or two then stop, too!. After this happened three times my nerves and imagination started getting to me! I stopped swung bow around and shined my now dim light back down the trail! Yellow eyes about two feet off the ground blinked but held firm! I freaked when light went completely dead! I ROARED with my best KING KONG roar down the trail and started banging flash light. When it came back on, nothing! I nearly ran into the homemade ladder dad had made out of skinny cedars. I couldn't get up the ladder fast enough! LOL I have no clue what was following me! But, it sure was!
    LOL I have a similar story...I was Bow hunting and on my way out in the dark and kept hearing something behind me..I would stop, turn and shine light and it would stop....I walked...It walked...I stopped..It stopped...I finally swung around and started doing the Micheal Jackson moonwalk backwards and once again heard it so i kept walking backwards and turned light on real fast only to find that 15 foot of my pull-up Rope was hanging out of my fanny pack and the clip was dragging behind me LMBO...I was so embarrassed because I was talking out loud and threatening it that it had better go on blah blah blah!!! lol...Crazy stuff
    That is so funny!
    There is more to my story!LOL. Your story is super duper funny, too! I got back to truck at lunch and my brothers and dad weren't there! I was talking to myself about 'I hope whatever it was didn't get them!' Bought that time they jumped out from behind a tree roaring, and laughing! They played all this back at the club deer BBQ and cut my shirt tail right in front of 100 people! It was funny, but it never is as funny when everyone is laughing at you! I couldn't help but start crying! In the woods I mean! At the bbq. I enjoyed the attention. ;} It took me years to exact my revenge. And I didn't just stop with once! One that comes to mind, my middle brother and I was scouting for rubs and scrapes. I had my huge camcorder, he got on up ahead. And I was videoing a rub he had found. !5 minutes later I came through the pines and he had his pants down to his ankles and leaning back on a tree. I stopped and hit record. He finally heard me about to bust a gut to keep from LOL. And grabbed his gun and said 'I will shoot you!' It got the best laugh ever at the BBQ!
    LOL That's great!!! Another 1 that cracks me up is we were getting ready for a deer drive and we started walking across the field and instantly a deer jumps up...A friend of mine threw his gun up and Boom Boom Boom!!!! The deer stopped and was just watching all of us frantically trying to load out guns and my Buddy started cussing..The deer left unharmed and I walked over to my Buddy to see why he was so upset and he had a pack of Butter Rum life savers jammed into his Shot Gun thinking he had grabbed a shell in the excitement...he didn't want anyone to know but trust me...In a matter of seconds we were all on the ground laughing so hard...I'll never forget that...Them Life Savers really were Life savers for that deer he said after he already missed 3 times!!! lol