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  • Another Game Lands Stud

    Had the opportunity to take this guy Wednesday on the Mitchell River game land section. My second nice buck on game lands this year.

    Walked up the mountain before daylight in the drizzle, wind, and fog. I hadn't ever been to this property before so I just did what I usually do in the mountains; get out of the wind and still hunt like a snail....

    I worked my way around the mountain about 300 yards and bumped a spike. Waited about 20 minutes before moving so he didn't tear the world down and I'm glad I did. I made it up on a tight razor ridge and heard deer across a thick holler on the next ridge about 80 yards away. Got sat down and pulled up the gun to see a dig doe. Behind her all I saw was tines coming through the brush. He tended her around and I couldn't get a shot for about 5 minutes. Then the doe fed over the ridge and he was staying right with her goin out of sight......

    Last resort, I picked up my grunt call and gave a quick set of short tending grunts. All of a sudden he came charging back over the ridge stomping and grunting like he was gonna kick my butt.

    He then proceeded to terrorize me for 20 more minutes staying in the brush horning trees and grunting but never gave me an open shot. Then I came off the scope to see that the doe had come back over into my holler between me and him. I knew it was on....

    I hit another short set of tending grunts and he came stomping down the mountain towards me grunting the whole time. At 70 yards he came through a hole about the size of a basketball and I pumped him quartering to me with my BAR and he dropped in his tracks!!

    Of course as steep as the mountain was he started to slide like a bobsled down the mountain. I felt like a golfer trying to talk to my ball saying PLEASE STOP. Over a hundred yards later he finally lodged against a tree but that made the pack job that much harder back over the top and to the truck.

    Definitely one of the most exciting hunts I've had in a long time since I got to talk to him and watch him for as long as I did.

    This is the second good buck I've taken on game lands this year, along with two does, on three different properties.

    Glad to be in a state where we have such great public land if you're willing to work for it.
    nice buck
    great story,had to read it twice,lol,and nice buck.Sounds like you are hunting in mountain goat lands.Western NC has a lot rougher terrain than central and eastern areas.I'm from the mountains and if your out of shape when you start the season,you sure won't be when the season ends,lol.Congrats on a great buck
    Diane, I love you bein on this site. I miss my mountains so bad. You can prolly tell since i get back every chance I get. At least you understand when I say dropping a deer doesn't mean that's where he's gonna stay! Lol!

    Ditto on bein in shape! Bear season gets you in shape for deer huntin and deer huntin gets you in shape for grouse huntin!!!

    I bet you have some sweet grouse spots for me don't you?!? lol
    Another nice one!
    Nice Browning. Mine is .308 love those guns! If you want to we could go to Caswell gamelands. But you better wear more orange, because they are dog hunting there now! I usually setup a climber near to the campgrounds or parking spots where deer back track to hide! Never been to mitchell but looks nice! Oh yeah your tagged out! LOL I have plenty of turkey roost here on Sauratown, when it is time! And have a lewellen setter and a pointer for some quall or snipes/ grouse if you know where some coveys are! Last time I was walking in ashe county I got to the top of bald mnt. and got a big covey up. Scared the crap out of me! Season wasn't in was just exploring in June. Family vacation every year there! They been seeing panthers up there lately!
    I haven't hunted for grouse,yet,lol.But while walking on some gameland yesterday I did spook a couple of nice ones.Although I'm not sure how far this spot would be for you.What direction are you in? I'll keep watch at some other spots where I am going to scout for signs of turkey.That was a nice buck you got and can tell from your post you work for it.Good luck on future hunts.
    Great buck. Great story.
    Congratulations, and thanks for the great story and pictures. I'm envious, though!

    Very nice gun rack on top that buck's head.
    Thanks for the comments all. Diane, I live in Winston now but my parents live at lake James so we grouse from Haywood co. Along the gorge, Yancey and Mitchell counties, and Ashe and watauga mostly on game lands.

    Carpetrider, I love my BAR, that thing has smoked a bunch of bears and hogs and a few deer. Always reliable and shoots tight. Yeah I'd love to go call some turkeys. I got into bow huntin Turks this year and I know caswells archery only section has a good number of birds. There's always coyotes between now and then!!
    Congrats on the buck. Great year you've been having. I hope you shot this one closer to the truck!
    Not too much closer...
    Thanks Viper. No he wasn't as far as the ML does were, but this place was ALOT steep together back up on top. I have no complaints about my season on the game lands. I've seen nearly a hundred deer and passed on prolly two dozen 6s, 4s and spikes. Plus a miss on a small 8. And all this while seeing less than ten other people all year. Nothin better than that..... Lol
    Congrats! Sounds like you are having a good season and good time.
    Nice Bucks
    Congrat's on two nice game lands bucks. What load do you use for deer in your BAR? I got a 270 BAR. I love mountain hunting too. I have hunted deer in the small game lands North of Shelby but have yet to see any deer of that size. I love the mountain game lands too. Thanks for sharing, Mike
    Spittin lead
    I shoot cheap 150gr core-lokt's mostly cause that rifle is my primary bear/hog gun. We shoot moving targets (rolling motorcycle tires with cardboard) to get ready for season so they're good to practice with. I never even put a scope on that rifle till this year, and it turned out the cheap core-lokt's shot golf ball size groups which was a welcome surprise. But I will say that my bro has a BAR in 300win and his gun throws core lokt's all over the place so it might come down to the individual rifle.
    My 308 bar drives tacks
    I reload mine with 150 grain nosler ballistic tips. The core is lighter than other bullets, and mushroom great. So bullet length is longer. About the same length as 165grain bullet. This lets more rifling to touch bullet. But, factory bullets are good too! You could shoot it at 100 yards and I could. And more than likely it would hit same hole. 270 should be just as accurate if not I would be surprised. Great guns but not for extreme cold weather. They will freeze. Bolt actions take over North of the border. Merry Christmas yall I still got a buck tag. So going to bed!
    What caliber is your BAR?