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    It is common knowledge that NCBA-BCRS certified bowhunters are the ones hunting Duke Forest, as it has been publicized in several Triangle newspapers and broadcast on Raleigh-Durham TV stations as well for several years. We don't discuss the details of our NCBA-BCRS contracts in public, but the one at Duke Forest was just not possible to keep quiet for long. I have been involved with this agreement from day one with the biologist at Duke Forest. The deer population density was estimated at about 80 per square mile when we first began hunting it about 5 years ago. When we first began hunting this property, there were no fawns at all. Ribs were showing on every deer and kidneys on all deer were 'poor' condition. (We utilized the WRC's DMAP program, and collected this data on every deer taken along with weight and jaw bones. Today, all deer taken are in 'Good' condition or better. This year, they actually cut back on the number of hunters we allow to participate in the hunt, and the season opening and closing dates were shortened by a week on the opening and closing dates. The BCRS program has had a definite and noticeable effect on the health and numbers of the deer herd at Duke Forest and on other properties we have hunting agreements with. But, it doesn't happen overnight, and the program must be maintained year after year to keep the pressure on the herd. Anyone who wants more information on our BCRS program can email me at and I will send information. Also, go to our website at and click on the BCRS link for more information. Ramon Bell, President/NCBA.
    Good Job
    Good job on the fixing the problem. I have not heard any definitive report until now on the success in Duke Forest. Everything I have heard was that Monday thru Thursday hunting was not getting the numbers under control.

    I have had the pleasure of hunting the adjacent property with my cousin and the overflow is crazy.....still. Never seen more deer walk under a tree in one hour than there.

    I persume that the reason that Duke Forest was so over populated was due to lack of hunting and not harvesting 30% of the herd each year?

    I personally hate to see a natural resource waisted due to lack of managment. Glad you folks were able to help creat a balance.

    P.S. there are some monsters in there! Continue the good work! And I like your statement 'KEEP' the pressure on the many don't!