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  • The Doe That Wasn't

    The Bow Doe That Wasn't!

    I've been working hard lately and have not had much time to spend in the tree, so when a good friend asked if I would like to bow hunt with him Sunday, it didn't take long to say yes!

    I was looking at the move times on my GPS and with the Moon just over the Full Moon cycle, not only were the move times not favorable but, the move forecast even said, 'Poor Day'.

    It was an extremely foggy morning with the moon still high in the sky. Monty dropped me off in the area where I was to hunt and waited with the truck running until I could get my climber in the tree an hour before sunrise. This is a technique, that works well. Deer laying close by will hear the 4 wheeler or truck come in, and then they hear it leave thinking the coast is clear.

    This trick worked like a charm because at 6:40am, just barely shoot time, with the moon illuminating the small clearing, I noticed movement 70 yards away, skirting the edge of the woodline in the cool foggy air.

    There was a 8 foot tall cedar tree just 15 yards in front of me that had been rubbed heavily. As I watched the deer close the distance, I noticed the long framed body with a squared off rump thinking, 'that looks like the shape of a buck, but no antlers'! Finally the deer turned to me coming from the woodline and started crossing the opening to the cedar. I now could see that this deer had no antlers but, was the biggest doe I had seen in a while.

    She came to the cedar now obscuring my view but, allowing me to stand up and get ready for the shot. She spent 5 minutes behind the cedar and now was walking across in front of me, as I sat 20 feet inside the edge of the treeline and 30 feet up! I drew the bow back, set the pin behind her shoulder, she now quartering away from me, and released as she was about to leave my shooting window. Solid hit and she runs 25 yards going away from me, rounds a pine tree and flops.

    The sky still not very light, moon still hanging high and very heavy dew from the fog, dripping down the back of my neck. I continued to sit on the tree until 9am hoping the buck would still come in.

    Sure enough, at 8:45 I hear running through the leaves in the heavy timber behind me. Approaching from my left and coming around to my right. I see a yearling doe leading the way into the opening infront of me, followed by a spike and get this a button buck. The doe probably had spots just a few months ago as well as the button buck.

    The trio ran over my arrow still stuck in the ground at least 3 or 4 times. They stayed in the area for about 15 minutes. The yearlying doe learning to evade, the spike learning to pursue and the button buck taking notes.

    I climbed down the tree as the curtain closed on the show. The moon still up, the fog still hanging and the sky now light. Walked over to the doe laying behind the pine tree, shot just 2 hours earlier, (man those chisel tip rage are wicked), when I realized my Doe was a Buck!!! Both antlers had been broken off clean to the skull cap. What a surprise. I the whole time thinking I had just harvested a huge doe which would have been my 9th deer this season and the 4th with the bow, was now using up one of the two buck tags I was holding onto.....just in case!

    So the 'POOR DAY' turned out to be very exciting and surprising. I thank God for the opportunity to be a witness to Nature! And the meat he provides.

    Happy Hunting Everyone >>>----->
    Congrats on more meat Viper.I was thinking about all the deer you have killed so far this year,9 total.And I started thinking about how much meat that would actually amount to in the freezer.I did some research and a mature buck yields an average of 72 lbs of boneless meat.I know that is an estimate,and some of your deer were does.So I estimated your yield to be about 55 lbs per deer.So on a total you have 495 lbs of venison in the freezer,a little more if your bucks were mature. Dang thats a lot of meat your gonna be eating this winter.Almost 500lbs WOW.
    LOL! 500 pounds
    Lol Diane, I wish you could get that much meat off a deer. These swamp deer in the south east don't get that big and when you add up meat loss to blood shock, and cut out tendons, cartilage, muscle silver, etc. You don't get that much off a 75 to 90 pound deer. Heck a trophy buck down here might weigh 150. Then you have to deal with your family wanting more jerky, pepperoni sticks or!

    I have given 2 whole deer I cured to a family at Thanksgiving. If I can keep 7 for my house alone I might make it to the next season! Good eating. I made 60 pounds of pepperoni sticks alone and I bet there isn't 10 pounds left. Hey but the season isn't over!

    Good Luck.
    Sounds like you eat the heck out of some deer meat man. Cool deal. Congrats!!
    cool deal
    Nice of you to be generous Viper.Speaking of which,I will be watching the mail for my pepperoni sticks,lol.J/K
    @ Diane....Home processing only takes a little money and time but, once you start and figure out how good it is and fun it can'll start harvesting more deer so be!

    If their are any pepperoni left by the time the Dixie Deer Classic rolls around....I have a pack with your name on it!
    Home processing
    Ditto on the home processing Viper!!! I love doin all the steaks, ground, jerky, and hot sticks myself. Even though it takes some time, I think it gives me more satisfaction and pride to take a deer all the way from hoof to table than just drop it off somewhere. Once someone starts doing the whole home processing thing, most of the time they never want to pay for processing again!!

    Plus, with a season like yours, your processor could buy a new rifle and make a truck payment cleaning all those deer!!! LOL
    you can have it
    I use to process mine until I found my current butcher. He has been a grocery store butcher for over 20 years, process a deer for $35 (typical cuts), and I don't have to clean up the mess on the counter or the grinder. lol
    He also does other cuts for a small additional fee. His summer sausage is awesome.