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  • Panfish Stocking

    The SCDNR stocked 30,000 redbreast bream into the Black River near Andrews on Nov. 29th. The redbreast is sought after by panfishermen for its fighting ability and table fare. The species has struggled in recent years due to droughts and other factors, so anglers will see a benefit from this stocking.

    The DNR also stocked 16,000 redear sunfish, more commonly referred to as shellcracker, in the Savannah River on Nov. 20th. This stocking took place on the Edgefield/McCormick County line at Fury Landing, and it brings the total number of stocked fish on the Savannah River to about 104,000 for this year.

    The SCDNR annually stocks between seven million to 10 million fish throughout the Palmetto State.

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter