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  • Mountain Meat Pile- Crazy Fun Day of Hunting

    Long post but it was a crazy fun day, had to share.

    So i checked the weather and saw that it was gonna be perfect for my favorite still hunting mountain in Watauga on Wednesday. Wanted some doe meat since I only have one buck tag left.

    28 degrees at daylight and no wind. Left the house at 3:15 and parked the car at 4200 feet at 5:30. Made the 1.5 mile trudge up the mountain to 5300 feet then back down the other side to 5000 feet on my favorite ridge right at good light.

    Look down the ridge and bam, big fat doe at 120 yards. Line up... BOOM... and the deer takes off. Got down there and found a locust shot in half. Miss number one. No blood, hair, no harm done so I slip on out the mountain.

    Next I see a little basket 4pt, eased by him and about a hundred yards later look down through the woods and there stands a 14in wide 8 point at 30 yards with a doe........Thought he was worthy of my last buck tag so I pulled up, got on his shoulder and BOOM.... smoke deer. Go down there to look for blood...nothing. Then I see him down the hill still running this same doe. MISSED HIM DON'T KNOW HOW....

    So miss number two for the morning and I was mad, like red-faced break my gun in half mad. So I get on the phone and call my brother to tell him the story, still on the phone, a big fat doe runs up to me at 20 yards. Told my bro to hold on, phone hits the lap and gun hits the shoulder. BOOM....DOWN GOES FRAZIER!!! dropped in her tracks. Made the buck miss sting a little less. Went over and got to work on her. One of the biggest does I'd ever killed.

    I was almost done butchering her and turned around to bag a piece a meat. Looked up the hill and there stands 3 does at 30 yards. Knife goes down, gun comes up.... BOOM... down she goes.

    This makes three shots fired in one spot and the deer are running around everywhere!! To top it all off, this doe is for sure the biggest doe I've ever seen. Im guessing 150 pounds but not sure. You can see her size in the picture considering it was a full size Knight muzzleloader laying on her. So I get to work on her and right when I get done, look up and the 8pt that I had shot at first was standing at 20 yards just looking at me. Didn't shoot him cause I figured I had enough on my hands as it was, but good to know he was OK.
    I felt like I was hunting on a deer farm the whole day!

    Stuffed my pack with meat, tied my clothes on all over like a gypsy, and headed back down the mountain. Took an hour and a half to make my way back to the car with all that weight in such steep woods. Didn't want to break a leg.

    Boneless meat wound up being right at 60 pounds on the scale when I got home. Got the freezer filled, jerky and hot sticks are made, and I'm a happy hunter glad to be able have fun in the wild NC mountains.
    Why shoot 2?
    Congrats AMH but are you serious? 2 Mountain Does with 1 being a estimated 150lbs and you brought a estimated 60lbs of Meat off the mountain from both deer combined? I know 1.5 miles is a good walk but 60lbs of Meat off of 2 Does that size has me scratching my head!!! Why shoot 2 knowing the job ahead of ya? Anyway Glad you had a Awesome hunt and enjoy the Back-straps...Looks like the yotes will eat good in the coming weeks
    Packin meat
    Hunting hard and working hard is the only way I've ever done it. I don't have a club to hunt where I can back the truck up to a deer and toss it in so I don't know the difference cause cuttin and packin meat is the only way I've ever known lol... If it were easy I don't think it would be as much fun....

    I'm just fortunate to be able to harvest these two and be in decent shape to get them back home.
    What did you mean about the amount of meat? Not enough for two deer? Confused about what you meant...
    I was just saying that in my opinion, I would have thought that a 150lb Doe would have provided more than 60lbs of meat alone...Her Hams must have been huge!! Glad you was blessed with a awesome Hunt and some meat...Sounds like you earned these 2. I have seen Hunters take the back-straps and hams and leave the rest and my opinion, That's just sad!! I try and keep it all lol but under the circumstances, I guess you did you best.
    Hams, shoulders, neck, back straps, tenderloins off both. Got all the red meat I could cut that wasn't shot. I get every scrap cause what won't make steaks or jerky goes into the grinder for chuck and hot sticks What more is there?
    Funny story and Good job!
    I like to say, 'Save what you can.' From what I can tell your one tough dude! Nice job! Read some of GT's posts he has some cool idea's about processing. Ya'll should go into business processing! Partner's do better if they don't always agree! LOL
    I liked how you gave detail's like phone going to lap! And admitting you missed! Guess you don't mind if we cut two of your best shirt tail's! ;)
    Coyote's have to eat, too! And they help the herd! But you should go back and pop a few of them too! Now that you got a bait pile. But, sounds like mount everest to me! LOL See you at D.D.Classic! I will bring my knife!
    @ Carpetrider
    Hey thanks man. I'm not tough, just like to do stuff different I guess. The beauty of hunting on top of a mountain is that it's all downhill to the car!! (Just watch out for falling down and breaking a leg or arm in that steep rocky stuff) Plus, the deer get virtually no pressure up there cause most people don't want to make an hour hike just to get there.

    As far as missing goes, everybody misses so why would I leave that part out? .... ;)

    My memories of the ones that got away over the years are more vivid than most of the ones I've killed... That's what makes hunting so much fun!!! I'm sure everyone on this site has missed a trophy, but that's what makes us keep going back!!!
    Crazy hunt
    Great story and you're right....that was a crazy hunt. Congrats on the meat and thanks for the story!