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  • My son's first buck Tues. evening!!!

    We have a great story on this one:
    The Deer with THREE LIVES!
    First life- i was hunting by myself on our property by the Haw river and saw this beautiful 3 yr-old 9 point walk out about 25 yard in front of my ground blind. The only problem is i didn't hear a thing and was not ready. So when i got my bow in hand and drew back he was already headed for Tennessee.
    Second life- i brought my son out a few days later to see if he would come by following the does checking for an early hot doe (was a couple weeks ago). He did. My son had his crossbow up and ready and got a sever case of buck fever and missed at about 20 yards. We couldn't see the bolt because it went so fast, but found it clean (with a few hairs attached) in a tree behind the buck.
    Third life- last Friday we go out again to try for him and my son was asleep in the blind when he came out yet again. I had promised not to shoot this buck so my son could get another crack at him, but he was so sleepy that by the time he was up and ready to shoot the deer was walking away.
    However, Tuesday evening he ran out of lives as my son put the 100-grain broadhead right in the boiler room and he went less that 50 yards before piling up and i am the proudest dad in the world tonight!
    Proud Dad
    I bet you are proud.This is a nice one.I guess this bucks luck ran out.Congrats.I'm sure your son has buck fever .
    Congrats buddy,glad he got him,great p-b-p.
    Great Job!
    Man that was a great story. Glad your son finally got him. Thats a pretty buck! Tell him congrats.
    Great job
    That is a great story. I would say with that many opps it was bound to happen. That is a great first deer! You guys will always remember this hunt. I know what you felt when he put this deer down. When my son killed his first deer which was a buck I think I was more excited than he was. He could hardly complete a sentence right after it happened he was so excited. Great job!
    Cool Deal
    WOW great P-B-P!!! That Buck underestimated you guys and it cost him his life huh lol? Most people never get a 2nd chance at a nice Buck and you guys got 3? That's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    nice buck
    Great buck and a great story good for you !!!!!
    Thanks for all the comments!
    Dean has a spring in his step these days....
    seaduck and goblintom, i agree, it was definitely God's will cause i have never heard of a big buck giving anybody this many chances! I know for sure that i was shaking as much or more than he was, but he held it together long enough to make it count!
    Good Job
    Fell asleep...hahahah. My dad walked out a mountain side(deer drive) when I was about 12 years old. I was freezing - bout 20 degrees that afternoon - I walked back to the truck. He had a few choice words when he finally found me there! Awesome buck buddy
    First Buck
    Great first buck there. Ready for some sheetrock now. Congratulations!