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  • Best County for Hogs

    Hello to all.
    I'm new to the forum and new to hog hunting, I'm Retired/Disabled and don't get around as I did in my earlier years, I'd like to do some Hog hunting and was curious which County is best? I live in Concord and I've heard that Anson is one of the best, If theres anyone out there that knows of some good hunting areas I'd appreciate the info.
    Take Care,
    Happy Hogging.
    Carolina Tight Lips
    I am from NC and I have come to know that people around here for some reason or another don't want anyone to know where they have hogs they hunt. They say they know where some are, know someone who knows someone who saw some, or just post pics on here and don't answer any questions about where they shot it or hunt at. Just browsing this forum tells this story, they all have what was recently coined 'Carolina Tight Lips' when it comes to hunting pigs. Farmers say they have problems and are being overrun in Johnston county, but then won't let anyone hunt the pigs because they would rather sell expensive leases and complain to papers from the capital how bad things are. Guys will post pics of pigs on here usually kill shots but sometimes trail cams loaded with pigs but when asked 'where are these from? 'any way we can get a hunt together? won't ever respond. They just want you to see how big and cool their dead pig looks, or they refer you to some goofy hunting outfitter who wants a car payment for you to sit in a stand while he throws corn out and then pretends he is some sort of 'guide', then likely expects a tip at the end too. That isn't hunting folks.
    Mike, As sad as it is..I have to agree with HawgDawg that people on this particular site are like he stated...Tight-Lipped or just want to brag with a 'Look at me!!!' Photo and most hardly ever respond or answer any questions that we ask. I myself have never hunted Hogs because we don't have them around this area....YET (Thank God) I would suggest maybe a facebook page or post a ad on Craigslist in the Farm&Garden of different Sections and tell them your situation and you never know, Someone just might contact you before they would consider a truck load of weekend warriors because I know that they are people with Hog problems so offer to sign a waiver stating that the property owner will no-way be responsible in case of any accidents...I think that scares a lot of people when it comes to hunting on their land is having something happen and being held responsible. Good Luck and I wish I could help you and I hope someone can....Take care
    I am a Johnston County born and raised. I think part of the problem is there is a misconception that all of the county is overrun with hogs which is not true. They are concentrated in isolated pocket bordering the Neuse River low grounds. All of these tracts are privately owned tracts and a few timber companies that are either hunted by family only or leased to large hunting clubs. This makes it nearly impossible to hunt on. The few smaller tracts that come open for lease are horribly over priced with only a passing hog or two. I too would like the opportunity to take a hog. Just not going to sell a kidney to do it. LOL.. An option you could look in to would be Howell Woods. It is part of Johnston Community College. I have been on a lottery hunt there 8 to 10 years ago. I did not take one but my cousin took two. And they do have some hogs. They still have the lottery program as well as paid hunts. It is a little better deal than a guide hunt and the money goes to towards their educational programs. They have combo hunts there to. Look them up on the internet. I hunt maybe 3 or 4 mile from there and we have zero hogs. So they are not spreading to Good Luck.
    Carolina Tight Lips
    I agree with HogDawg and Gobblintom. For some reason people are pretty quiet on this website about hog locations. They are more than willing to post their pictures though.

    Recently moving to NC from GA, I am a member of the Georgia Outdoors News forum as well. Those guys are great. People jumping up and down to help put people on hogs.

    Secondly, the landowner thing. I have also heard of numerous farmers having problems with hogs. Landowner Protection Act states, 'Under existing landowner liability law, landowners providing permission for hunting or fishing on their property, without charge, assume no more liability than currently is afforded a trespasser, in accordance with N.C.G.S. 38A-4'. There is also hunter insurance that a hunter could purchase to further protect the farmer.
    Howell Woods
    I have heard a number of things about Howell Woods from friends in Princeton, NC.

    Most of what they had to say was SAVE YOUR MONEY, not worth the hassle.

    I agree with ^97, the GA hunters are more respectful and informative when it comes to helping put people on the pigs. I think most of that comes the fact that they have a real pig problem and not just pockets of sounders here and there that folks out this way want to keep hidden. I have full faith in the ability of the pigs to breed fast enough to overrun NC and change the attitudes of the select few hiding the pigs here. Pretty soon the NC hunters will be just like their GA brothers.

    So for now I will continue to drive over 7 hours one way to GA to hunt pigs, b/c folks in my home state wanna have the tight lips. Not a whine or issue for me, b/c I love hunting with a sow reaching breeding age at 7 or 8 months and two litters a year they can be responsible for 1,000 plus feral swine in a 5 year period......I'm sure they will be more than enough to go around soon enough.
    HawgDawg..That pretty much sums it up. You have friends in Princeton which is the only part of Johnston County that has hogs and still can't get in on a hog hunt. Georgia sounds like your best bet. My deal is I don't mind the paying part or the drive. It's about who to trust. Let me know how your Ga. hunt goes.
    We always hit the hogs in GA
    My friends don't have property besides a house and an acre. They know people with hog problems but they want tons of money to hunt them or already have people doing so they know better. Me and my hunting partner always get on the pigs in GA. I could waste your whole day putting up pigs from past hunts, but all I would be doing is the same thing everyone else does on this forum. The only exception is I would tell you exactly what grid we shot them at, b/c I know there are plenty to go around. If they are willing to do 14 hrs in a truck then I know they are dedicated to hunting pigs.