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  • Doghunting

    1st post ever on nc sportsman. After reading i had to reply. just to set the record straight i still hunt (bow, blackpowder and rifle) and dog hunt. i have dog hunted and still hunted since i was 10. im now 31. ive seen it all...the 10% and the 90%. im still laughing at the anti dog hunters comments. i will guess that 90% of you that are ripping dog hunting...have never done it. So i just want to touch on a few points.
    1. 'Dog hunting is unethical or not fair'...and you are comparing this to what? I really hope you say bowhunting... if not im still laughing.
    2. 'just keep your dogs off everyone else's land'...i could be wrong here, but you are prob. that guy that moved to nc from up north. you own 30 acres in the middle of our 1000 and now you think you own the world. Trust me, we dont want our dogs on your land as much as you dont because we dont want to here you cry about it.
    3. 'dog hunters are lazy'...i would love to know exactly what you mean by this. what do you call sitting in one place all day??? Dont forget i still hunt to.
    4. 'dog hunters are cheap'... wow...obv. you havent taken care of 20-25 walkers before.
    5. 'all dog hunters kill are deer you let walk'...i somewhat get your point here, but not always true. Ive seen some monsters killed in front of dogs. Im not talking 16 inch 8 pt basket racks either.
    6. 'dog hunting isnt a pastime or family tradition'... maybe not anymore because of you... and if you believe this, then either you arent from nc or your parents and grandparents were not hunters. dog hunting started here and if you dont like it hunt somewhere else. Quit trying to run us off land we have always been able to dog hunt.

    i could go on and on, but the bottom line is that we all love to hunt or we wouldnt be on here. Still hunters please remember...We want to leave you alone as much as we want you to leave us alone. I understand both sides of this debate, but for the ones that are hating on dog hunting and have never tried it. Give it a try if you get the chance and you will definitely have a different outlook on dog hunting when the day is over.
    ASU Mountaineer Man,While I think its great that you have choose to make a comment on the site,I just hope this doesn't start the bickering and tongue lashing.You have made great points,but dog hunting seems to be a touchy subject on this site.Either you are for it or against it and I think there has been points made both ways.I can't speak for no one but myself,and my 6 year old Grandaughter,but we look on the site to see happy positive comments and to see how everyones luck is going hunting.You guys can comment how you want I guess,but this is a subject I would like to see dropped.Just remember there is a six year old girl,and I know of other young hunters also,that look at this site.Let's do our best to show them that hunting is a great thing,and that we can all have our opinions and still get along.Thanks for taking the time to comment,I wasn't trying to discourage you from commenting.Only trying to discourage the heated comments that may follow.
    mountain man, Dog hunting didnt START here,in fact its about the LAST place it started .Slowley but sureley its a dying sport.
    understand this...
    @ASUmountaineer, i don't have a problem with they way you hunt but i have a problem with you trepassing onto my property. don't use your dog as an excuse to come on to my property to shoot deer. what part of 'NO TREPASSING' do you not understand?! no trepassing means no trepassing! no excuse at all. please read and understand!
    Diane I thought a forum was for discussions, not just a bragging board. Mountain man is trying to have an open discussion and the moderators are acting like we are cussing and calling names. I am a little skeptical about a 6 year old doing much reading on this site. They may be looking at the pictures that are posted. Not everyone is going to agree with all the different styles of deer hunting. I don't care for bowhunting but I don't fault anyone for doing it, if it makes you happy and it is legal where you hunt. As for ethical I don't see how taking a 60,70 or 80 yard shot with a bow being very ethical. As some of the people that have been on this site bragging about such shots have also posted about losing wounded deer at much shorter distances.

    As for tresspassing on someones land when dog hunting. I do not do it! I either sit at the property line and call my hounds out or go see the owner or leasee and ask for permission to retrieve my hounds. If I am denied, I wait until they leave the posted land. And they will eventually leave if they are not detained by someone. I have trained my hounds to come to me calling or whistling for them.
    Sorry to upset you, but yeah it did. Dog hunting in the US started in the mid 1700s in Kentucky, NORTH CAROLINA, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.
    FYI its Trespassing I never said that i break the law by trespassing when i dog hunt. My dogs coming on your land isnt trespassing either. I stated earlier that i do everything i can to keep my dogs off land that i dont have permission to hunt, and i am sorry for when that happens, but when it does happen...i have every right to be in the right of way of the highway to call my dogs out. The state owns the right of way, not you or anyone else. Please stop hating on dog hunting. Not everyone that dog hunt trespass. For that matter, not all still hunters follow the law either.
    Heated comments
    @nc dogman
    Yes you are absolutely right about a forum being a place for open discussion.But this dog hunting issue has been done to the point I feel personally ,what more needs to be said.Yes it has turned into arguing and just plain nasty comments.I ,as a moderator have the responsibility to make sure this site stays friendly reading for everyone,including children who I know read the site.Yes,my six year old grandaughter can read and has on many occassion ask me to read her comments that go along with posts she asks me to post for her and others that interest her.You are right,this site isn't just a place for bragging and posting pics.I ,along with many others have used this site to learn about turkey hunting,guns,bows,and numerous other things that pertain to hunting.I don't intend to argue this issues importance of being discussed.I simply asked nicely to stop the heated comments.
    Now,I'm headed to the woods,hope everyone else gets some time today to do the same.Good Luck
    @NCdogman......hey you bring up a point that I've been trying get people to understand for a long time.....It is easier to make a double lung pass through shot at a distance than it is with a deer right under you.

    As far as the lost deer at close range, they were pass through shots. Haven't had any problems with the shots out 35+.

    Got a great story of a dog hunt.....but you would what it posted on here! But trust me you would love the story! Just things that happen dog hunting. And yes I have dog hunted many times, not my thing but glad someone enjoys it! Couple of my best friends dog hunt!

    P.S. how's your hunting going, hopefully good. Haven't seen any pictures from you!
    i don't hate ya!
    like i said early...i don't hate you all for the way you hunt. just that i hate it when people come to my property looking for their dogs but really chasing deer. if ya don't trepass on other people's preporty then good for ya and thank you! I never needed to put a 'no trepass' signs on my property until 10 yrs. ago. back then i didn't mind when they came to my property looking for their lost dogs. i started to put up signs because they keep doing it and more often. it got to the point where every time i went to hunt, i would see some one. it's time off work that i'm taking off to hunt and it's ruin. my day is wasted and that bother me the most.

    i'm just saying please be respectful of my property as i am of yours. i don't have thousand of acre to hunt on, just 100 acre so this little property of mine and not yours. just stay off my land.
    Viper I do not want you to think that I was calling anyone one out or putting down a type or style of hunting. I was just trying to make a point about perceptions and opinions. I personally feel that a large majority of hunters take shots that are beyond thier capabilities. And I say that about gun and archery. I have been hunting for over 40 years and I don't try shots now that I used to. I will let them go and hope to catch them closer on another day. With that being said, I have not always been like that.

    I have had a good season so far, I have taken 2 does personaly but I have had 2 different teenagers take bucks while riding with me this season. One of them was thier first deer. That made my season already. I am training 3 puppies this season and I have my hands full with them and trying to get close enough to shoot a deer also. I don't post pictures because of my limited ability with all of the computer technology stuff. I have some on my phone to look at though.

    I have been looking at this site for a couple of years but I had not registered until I had read all the negative comments about 'all' dog hunters and I just could not sit back and take any more of the criticism without commenting. That is what a forum is supposed to be about. We can have a discussion and then come to the conclusion that we will have to agree to disagree. And have no hard feelings afterward.

    Good luck , happy hunting and take a friend hunting with you.
    We're Good
    No problem man were good. I understand what you were saying. And that dog hunting isn't cheap.....feeding dogs for the year and running them only 3 months. Vet bills. It adds up!
    I could save a lot of money and time and would kill more deer if I would just still hunt. I like the challenge of trying to get in front of a deer and be close enough to take it with a shotgun. I also like seeing a hound work a track and training young dogs.

    I have a 17 yer old son that loves it as much as I do. I also have been taking some young guys that don't have dads to take them or thier dads are not physically able to take them. The fast pace and aggressive nature of hound hunting seems to appeal to the teenagers. I guess that is why I like it so much. I will never grow up or act my age.