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  • Dream Come True

    While hunting deer on a managed hunt at Currituck National Wildlife Refuge in Currituck County Oct. 1, I was blessed with what has to be a hunter's dream come true.
    Situated in the scrub oaks on a marsh line between the bay marsh and inland marsh, I saw something dark running out of the inland marsh through the trees toward the bay side. Not sure if it was a horse or hog, I waited until something emerged from intervening trees. It was a black floppy eared pig. I saw down on my 5 gallon bucket, brought up the old Winchester 97 pump and cocked the hammer. A big pig emerged, pulled the trigger and down it went. I was just starting to praise the Lord when the first pig stopped and started back toward the downed hog. Let fly a second shot and it went down squealing. Saw a third smaller pig near the brush and sent a third shot.
    Was so excited I think I missed it clean. When the second pig stopped squealing, I went up to it and started grunging with my mouth, and two shoats appeared out of the brush at about 25 yards. Both went down instantly under the 00 buckshot.
    A big boar, head and cape was 100 pounds or more, a nice sow, and two juvenile sows.
    Sometimes the Lord does allow dreams to come true.
    My son helped me draw them all to the boat to cross the bay back to the Island.
    We returned last week, and he shot a nice full bodied spike buck.
    Would like to find some hog hunting areas nearby since the refuge hunt is over.
    cool deal
    good story.Goes to show anything can happen when you're hunting.Congrats on a great day hunting.
    I also noticed you are new to the site,let me be the first to say welcome.We need more posters like you who jump in feet first with nice positive comments.Hope you stick around.
    Thanks brother for the PBP. Looks like Oscar Myer should be gettin nervous.......your gonna put them out of the bacon buisness! Congratulations!
    Nice hogs, Hever heard of small pigs being called a shoats.