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    I have to say as a viewer of this wonderful site I never REALLY payed that much attention to how many of you VIEW the post provided by members and actually do not comment. I realize it is fun and informative for many to view, gain knowledge, or just be passing time within the deer hunting community and choose not to comment. I know that each and every one of you are interested in what others post or have to say about a post. Why not help us all and post a comment to help your fellow hunters so we all can get further knowledge on our beloved sport and passion that runs our bloodline during this special time of the year. I ask each and everyone of you to just comment your thoughts on what you see and let the BROTHERHOOD live and dwell on the great learning experience we all so much need these days. It only takes a moment and as we see your COMMENT, POST, we will be further enriched and have the ability top harvest the buck of our dreams and maybe a lifetime. PLEASE POST! By the way, we can not as hunters find out where the deer are at or find out what they are doing FULLY untill our EYES in the forest tell us the report from boots on the ground. Post and have a GREAT SEASON!
    Well said
    Well said.I do my best to comment as much as possible,but with all the contest entries I can't keep up sometimes,lol.I do enjoy reading the posts.And there have been some nice entries in the contests too.Hope everyone gets a deer this season,even if it isn't the buck of their dreams,be happy to just be able to be in the woods,then post and comment.
    thats something some of us other posters have been noticing,I try to comment but miss a few.
    I have talked till I'm blue in the face about this huntinbucks and even got a few nasty Emails about how I think I own the site lol Whatever!!! I actually started to just shy away myself and like you and others have stated in the past...Your already here so???? Anyway, Your pic says Funny deer?? Isn't that a GOAT???? lol
    My solution
    Sometimes I wonder what is the next guy doing that I'm not. Why are these guys and gal's seeing big deer and I'm not. I do find myself getting all wrapped up in the hipe of harvesting a large deer. I find myself with envious feelings when I see a big deer that someone else has taken, why not me? I will tell you all this, when I get these feeling's like these, I'm missing the mark by a long shot. I get much pleasure seeing a youngster's face when he or she gets a deer on the ground for the first time. When I first started hunting there were no ladies hunting, was unheard of. Today I see women hunting with that same smile,and tears of joy that I have had with a deer in their hands. That is awesome to me. Only if my Wife would hunt. I would surely set her up in all my so called good spots, just so she could get that feeling that I have had and still get. Feel for others as you would feel for yourself, the rewards are plenty full. The solution for seeing deer, knowing when the activity is turning up, finding rubs and scrapes is to get out there and see it first hand. Congratulate someone on the deer they harvested, it may be their first or their last, just pull it from your heart. I think we as hunters have the same passion. The quest to get the big one, or just get one, whatever the case just get out there. There is no wasted time out in the woods, be great full that we can. Always remember one thing, we get to see God's gifts, rewards, deer. Be great full even if you go home empty handed. Spend as much time in the field as you can, it's your choice. God Bless, best of luck to you all....
    I have been on this site since 2004. I have seen members come and go. I have taken jabs, corrective criticism (which I have taken to heart and learned from) and have been given many congratulations. One thing I can say is....this site has shaped who I am as a hunter. 'Hunting' is a word that implies the possibility of failure. Kind of like 'fishing' it's not called catching.

    A long time member whom has moved to Georgia last year 'FRANK BLACK' instilled in me one thing. The reverence of a harvest that should be celebrated by the story of the hunt that he called, 'The Harvest Feast' or 'Harvest Song'. As he put it the pictures are nice but the harvest song tells the story of the last minutes of life, one of God's creatures had. Because of Frank Black, I try to tell the story of the hunt.....every hunt, including the hunts with no harvest. A the hunts where I messed up. As I say, 'keeping it real'. Me personally, like to meat hunt and occasionally get a wall hanger. There is a club that wants me to join them. One of there rules is no doe killed during October until the rut passes. I'm struggling, because this is obviously a Trophy Club.....I'm a meat hunter first and foremost! I am more concerned with food in my freezer than a rack that is going to cost me $600.00 to put on the wall. Thanks just me and I hope the trophy hunters do well. Everyone is in the woods for different reasons and everyone has that right to hunt like they want and for what they want. We should congratulate everyone in their own personal quest!

    As a moderator I try not to get involved but, to just sit back and moderate. It is our job as moderators to keep it fun, clean and flowing. So when one or all of us moderators seem to be posting all the time to create flow. Please don't accuse us of having our own site because it is everyone's site. If more members would get involved and just post a story of a hunt or walk in the woods with a video camera as GT has done, we all would be reading your stories and not our own.

    Thanks HB for your membership and post!
    Well said.
    Great point Huntinbucks.Well said Viper. It is about the hunt and sharing your memories. I like to read the post as often as I can. But scheduling leaves me limited when it comes to posting or comments. I'm (s l o w )at typing.
    That certianly limites me and I'm sure some others as well. But I agree we need to see more comments from everyone including myself. I love the site. I think it has a lot of intresting characters on here. That makes it special. Its Free and open to all. Thank You NC Sportsman!!
    Thanks for the comments everyone. GT I pulled the photo off the internet. It seems if there is a photo attached a post it gets more hits and possibly comments. Maybe that is the answer. We should attach a photo related to our post. Heck, a wood pecker photo would be nice. Or maybe a bullfrog sitting on a lily pad. Viper you are right. The story behind the hunt is better than a picture. A picture is one thing but the story paints a picture in our minds that is real life. So much knowledge lost by members not commenting. The weather next week looks very interesting. And the moon..... Well?