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    Rage In The Pump Station Cage!

    Let me start this post by giving my condolences to Creek07 for the lost of a very dear family member this past Wednesday. Creek had planed a hunt for the guys that had to be postponed because of a family member wedding, which tragically ending up being over shadowed by a sudden death. are in our prayers.

    The hunt was to be this past weekend and I had scheduled work around this weekend to build a deck at the camp, on Thursday before the guys showed up. Creek knew of my schedule and granted me access to the club to build the deck as planned. He meet me in Anson on Thursday and helped even though he needed to be getting ready for the funeral. The deck was finished late that evening so I was set to hunt on Friday solo.

    Friday morning was amazing despite no success! This is where I'll keep it real. Around 8:30am, overlooking a draw lined with oak trees. I see this doe trotting through the woods, she didn't seem to have anyone behind her so as she hit the lane me at full draw, I gave her the 'Maaaaaaaaa' sound, she stopped for a split second at 35 yards, I released and she turned and the arrow just missed her. A little later at 10:15, I look down the draw and coming from the left 80 yards away and crossing the lane is a deer Creek calls 'Floppy'. Ole' floppy and I had a encounter in 2010 on October 8th to be exact. Floppy was Skyscraper's buddy and they were always seen together. Floppy, an 8 then, is a year younger than Sky and was with Sky the evening I shot Sky.

    Anyways.....Floppy, now has grown to a 6 year old 10 point, camera dodging monster. He looked like an Elk coming through the trees, and easy 200 plus pound buck. As he crossed the lane he was angling up my way to the right. I was clipped on to the bow string as I see legs coming out of the trees 30 yards to my right, eye level with me 35 feet up a pine. (GT this is the tree I put you on last year). At full draw the buck comes out and it's a spike. I know that Floppy has to be right behind him. Still holding the spike turns around looks my way for a second, then looks back like he's thinking,'hey where did you go', and walks back in the trees walking away from me. Man I almost had a heart attack. What a blessing it would be to have Sky and Floppy together again on my wall. That was the end of the morning hunt.

    Floppy had me thinking about 'Sky' and the spot I seen them both together last, so off I went to the lock-on stand now refered to as the 'Sky' corner. I got on stand around 3pm. I kept noticing that the deer tracks were coming from behind the lock-on and going back the same way. There is an oak ridge that this lock-on faces and that's were the deer usually come in from. I kept thinking they're going to come from behind me all after noon. Well at 6pm I hear a deer walking and yes from behind me. I rolled my head to the left and see a yearling coming from 50 yards downhill. I look back again and now there are 2 of them. I kept looking, think the big girls are here somewhere and instantly....there are 3 big doe walking together. About that time the yearlings get all frisky and start running in big circles all down in the bottom, when I see.....Does everywhere and more yearlings. There were at least 15 does and yearlings together...and all angling away from me to the food plot down the road. The first cross the road and then all cross the road, only they started back towards me in the oaks on the other side of the road. It sounded like leaf rakes, as they ate there way up the ridge. I couldn't see them through the trees and small pines lining the road but knew they were on there way.
    I see the first big doe cross a path that comes out of the oaks straight in front of me. As she crosses she turns back downhill and pops out from the path, standing full broadside. I drew back slow and put the pin low behind the shoulder, and released for the 25 yard shot. I see the arrow hit it's mark and it looked like it passed through and hit the tree she was standing beside.

    After sitting for 20 minutes I climbed down quietly walk across the road. The arrow is 10 yards up the hill where she headed with 7 inches broke off the tip. 5 yards later the Rage 2 blade Chisel tip is laying beside a blood splattered pine she brushed against. It took me a little while to find her but, she had gone to the spot we had found Sky 2 years before. I measured her death run on my GPS at 92.26 yards. And she was one lunged and shot through the heart with the Rage breaking the far side front leg. Amazing animals is all I can say.

    Sorry about the book long report
    Congrats Brother!! She is a good one and will definitely put some good meat in the freezer. Them Rage's definitely leave a mark...Good book by the way lol....
    Conngrats man,what is that #3.
    nice man
    Time to put you a nice buck on the ground now huh?
    Thanks guys. @DCB, yeah some good sized groceries. That's what I've been wanting and it finally happened and yes now. 2 with the bow and 2 lost but, now that I've figured my arrow/broadhead setup out, more to come. With the exception of the yearling I blew the backstraps out of with the .270WSM.....dang. @ should have seen ole' Floppy.....He made my season just watching him walk by....OMG! This doe I shot as you can see in the picture.....pulled that front leg right after the shot, and had I hit 2 inches lower or 2 inches forward....I would have been looking a lost deer like GT. Dang I hate it for him. he's had some tough luck....and trust me I've been there! It will get better and one thing I know. A guy that can stand there and video a deer until it see's him and starts stomping that front leg, lol.....set the camera down and blister her while she's looking.....CAN SHOOT! GT....buddy IT WILL turn around!

    Hey Don got any does that need thinning!

    I'm loving these rage and don't want to put the bow down even though gun is in!
    Nice Shot
    I see your found your groove wackin and stackin with the ragea.
    Good novel,j/k,lol.Nice doe,and good story.I'd be just fine with bow hunting all season myself.Seems like all I do is sit there holding it praying for a deer to walk out
    i hear ya man. great story bo. sorry to here bout Creek's loss. dem rage's aint no joke. the heart was in pieces of that 9 i shot a few weeks ago. good luck on gettin you some bone.
    great hunt
    Thanks Viper that was a fun story to read. Good luck with floppy he sounds like hes a real good buck...jager..
    Congrats Viper. That is a very nice doe and let me say that is a great p-b-p man. Thanks for the kind words when things are good then suddenly takes a turn for the worse. I am just glad you got the chance to get in the woods. Ready to knock one down myself now......Thank you NCDCommander as well
    congrats on the doe, I like the play by play too. Im hoping to find a few does myself for the freezer. She was a goodsize one too. Have you ever tried eating the heart? Friend of mine wanted to try the one out of the buck I got and he said he sliced it up and put some gillmates on it and cooked it on the grill. He called me and said it was better than the tenderloin and that I better not throw another one I guess im going to try it on the next one, I'll try anything once.
    Earlyriser, Deer heart is Very good in my opinion but I also love Squirrel brains so.....Btw Viper Congrats, she was a healthy one for sure.
    ER83...I have not tried the heart yet but, there is a lot of meat on the neck roast and I had a sushi chef beg me for a liver once. I don't eat liver but for someone that does......

    Thanks GT, wish things would have worked out so all of us could have been there. She feel in Sky's hole and I had to drag her by! I could have used you or the 4 wheeler!
    Congrats and question
    First off, congrats on the big slickhead. Also how do those chisel tips shoot compared to the standard rage 2 blade? I am thinking of trying them but am hung up on the thought that the chisel may make them fly weird or be noisy in flight.
    Rage Chisel Tip
    The chisel tip have a swilled tip on them and unlike the Bladed tip 2 blades the chisel tip grabs at any angle and the shot tends to be straight threw instead of changing directions like the bladed ones do sometimes. All I know is I have broke two legs on one deer and broke one on this big doe and the blades are in prefect shape. Reuseable.

    IMO the chisel tip is what the rage needed!

    This is the tip I shot the doe with.....the only thing that broke was the Gold Tip Arrow!