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  • Sarah's 1st Deer of The Season

    My daughter Sarah got bit by the hunting bug last year with her first deer. It was a little doe and it was tender and delicious. Now she's 11, and just took her 2nd deer her 1st time out this season. The ice is broken, and I think we have a winner, a.k.a., “hunter for life.”

    It has rained more this year than I could remember and we were happy that it was dry for opening day of gun season in Eastern North Carolina Oct. 13, 2012. It was cold that morning, but we didn’t get a chance hunt…setting up a yard sale that morning was more important. We’d do an evening hunt.

    I asked if Sarah wanted to come with me this year again, and the reply was an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

    Got our gear on and headed out to the land by 3:40 p.m. It was a good 50 minute drive and gave us time to talk. We talked about what was going on at school, upcoming projects, and where we would hunt. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to watch the countryside and the changing colors as we drove.

    We got in our stand by 4:30 p.m., late for some people. Saw a rabbit and a couple of squirrels on our way in. Sitting side by side in the buddy stand, I spoke to her in whispers. I would tell her how to use her ears, and the difference between the sounds of a busy squirrel and a potential deer.

    I saw movement behind us, and sure enough it was a doe. We stayed frozen like statues. The deer walked right under our stand just 5 yards away. If I were alone, I would have made my move then, but we sat still and patiently waited.
    The doe walked past us and stopped about 50 yards out. It turned and looked straight at us, and we watched motionless. I whispered wait till it feeds and turns broad side, and then raise your gun to shoot.

    I knew she was anxious, but listened to me. The doe kept its head down and started to move sideways…perfect for a shot. I heard the soft click of the safety coming off and then the shot, “Boom!”

    The doe went down in its tracks, kicked for a couple of seconds, and then stopped. Sarah was a bundle of nerves, but I did hear her say “OW!” This time she felt that 3” 00 buck on her shoulder.

    We climbed down, and she was so happy when we walked up to the doe. My daughter is a big fan of the Hunger Games, and she said, “It’s so cool to be a huntress, like the main character in the Hunger Games.”

    I thought to myself, “If she keeps shooting like this she won’t ever go hungry!”
    Congrats on a nice doe.
    Sarah Scores
    WTG Sarah, congrats on a fine piece of vittles. Did you do the backstrap boogie. I know your dad is proud of you!
    Tell her congratulations on the harvest. That's awesome and time spent that you & her will never regret. Good luck to her on filling the next tag.
    way to Go girl.I know your proud.Congrats on a nice deer.
    Congrats Sarah and Way to go dad getting her involved...It's Memories that neither of you will ever forget....Good Job
    Great job Sarah!
    Great Job
    Way to go Sarah on some good eats and great shooting. It's nice when you watch em drop.
    A Great Kill
    Was Sarah using any type of choke in barrel? The reason im asking is beacuse i was thinking of going to 00 buckshot out of a smooth barrel.
    Way to go Girl! Man it sounded like yall had a great time together. it is great when you can share a moment with the family in the woods or out. Congrats seawolf and Sarah
    A big congrats to Sarah!! That is a great deer and I know she will be very tasty...I know your are one proud poppa Seawolf....Kudos to you for getting her out there!!
    Choke Tube for 835
    We use a full choke for the 00 buck. You can pattern with an improved cylinder as well, just don't use the ultra-full choke for turkey loads.
    way to start the season.
    congrats sarah. glad yall had a good evenin an father daughter hunt. thats a good lookin shotgun too.