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  • 3 Amigos

    Enjoying some sweet potatoes and corn. What do ya'll think? Any shooters here. Anybody else feeding taters.
    lol 3 amigos
    I know you aint asking me lmbo!!! Them are some good Deer already in my opinion lol...Good Luck
    Shoot and ask questions!
    Nice deer.

    Down here in Sampson county there are fields full of taters left after the harvest. If you have the can clean up for free!
    Tough one
    The 7 pt in the middle is on the list. The 8pt on the right is wide maybe 19in on the inside. He's 3.5 he has warts/cysts all down his right side this year. Seen 3 others with that this season. The 8 on the left certianly has potential. I need a better look at him. I think he may be new to this year. I don't reconize him for past seasons. I wish I had time to pick up the taters Viper. We are buying them by the trailer load now. So cheap I don't want to say how much. To Bad this spot sucks during the daytime. I've always use this stand site for the camera. Cause they rarely show up during the day.
    And it is a buck magnet for some reason. It doesn't have a lot of does coming in.
    Nice pics Tagone!!
    Sweet taters? Maybe now I will! lol
    The longer tine one on left Is shooter of bunch. If you had them step out while you are there. Any one would be fair game! Check 'carpet_rider huntfish' profile n see my group. I let seven pt walk, but only cause he was staring me down. And there was no way to draw! lol He knew something and that is why I love hunting. On any given trip you have a chance of making a memory you will never Forget! live or die it takes your breath away! Girls you want your man to love you? Go get a memory with him!