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 it is! I have had the best season as far as sightings go. I have had 15 deer at one time within 80 yards of me and 3 and 4 deer under me at 28 yards. Any bow hunters dream. The only problem has been the bucks are to small or the does are to far out or the ones under me are too young!

    Work has kept me from my normal scouting in early season, practicing shooting the bow, clear out shooting lanes, etc.

    I have had 2 count them 'TWO' opportunities to come to full draw this year after all the sightings.....both have been less than valiant. The first doe I shoot clean through just at dark and never found her. I the woods of Sampson county, that is a very hard task to track deer because it's more like swamp than woods!

    Opening weekend I lost my first deer. Today I lost my second. A young doe came out at 1:40 or so, I had been on the tree for less than an hour. She came in fast and then suddenly skirted the corn pile. A squirrel had been practicing escape routes for lack of a better description. He'd go to the ground and then run up the trees around him as fast as he could. He tried it with every tree near the corn pile. He definitely had my attention. When this yearling doe came in. No meat in the freezer I set my sites o taking her down.

    She came in alert with the squirrel bouncing from tree to tree as you can see in the video. She skirted the corn pile and acted like she was going to walk on through. That's when I decided, I'm going to take her before she passes through.

    She started back to the corn pile after I shifted the camera, and as you can hear (@2:29)in the video......a clean miss on a deflected arrow. Me being a little anxious. She settled back down and came to within 40 yards of the corn pile and @3:07 in the video, 'the watermelon pop'. This is the sound you want to hear!

    Between the 2 shots you can hear a difference in the sound. I wanted to share my failure so that all the new bow hunters whom haven't heard the difference in a hit or miss would know.

    Following up on the story now......The doe on alert, stomping her front leg on the ground, I knew she was getting ready to bolt, and was at high alert.....I released the arrow that you hear at 3:07 at a doe on high alert 1/4 to me and drill her. She jumps, back into a small tree, wraps around it and falls to the ground, gets up and runs away through the woods.

    I backed out after finding an arrow with nothing but gut and my heart sunk! An 1 1/2 later I came back with my dog, hoping he could find it. We followed fairly good blood for about 200 yards through the God awfullest thick crap. and the blood trail ran out. Makes me sick and only adds to a very frustrating season thus far.

    I hope through all of this we all can learn something and especially me. Be patient with your shot. No matter how good you think you are....nature will humble you!

    P.S Try that second shot with a cross bow.....Love me a compound!
    Man that sucks,we've all done it.
    Being Real
    Thanks man.....just trying to bring it ....REAL!
    Sorry VIPER that stinks. try and get over it things can only get better ..jager..
    I am right there with you Viper!! I have not killed a deer yet but I have had 4 missed opportunities..Very frustrating season for me b/c I am dealing with things that have never happened b4...Gotta be prepared for everything though I guess..It will get better brother!!
    Sorry about your bad luck Viper.Patience is a virtue that every sportsman has to practice every time they are in the woods or on the water.I know if you keep at it and are patient it will pay off.Funny how I can sit in the woods for 5 hours and get frustrated but then again I can sit all day on the water just because I got a couple bites and have hope im gonna catch a big one any minute,lol.Guess thats why no one can hang with me when it comes to fishing.