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  • Opening Sunday

    I saw more deer in one day on Sunday. Sunday because I've been so busy I couldn't go until then.
    I think it was 15 total and 5 were bucks. Had the field load up and was waiting on a fat doe to get close but, the only thing right under me was small bucks....go figure.

    And then......after watching them all for about an hour poof they were gone. I had a yote cross the field before they came out so he might have still been in the area.

    No arrows released but got a short video of part of the action.

    Teased a big Owl in by wiggling my finger to within 8 feet. Thought GT (the owl man) would like this!
    Awesome Day!!
    Viper..Nice Video. What a beautiful cool day Sunday was. Nothing like a herd of deer to admire while you relax huh.
    I can't wait for my back to heal up so i cam hit the woods. Thanks for sharing
    WOW that look like a cool hunt Viper. Were you hunting the zoo compound....
    Cool Video Viper...I saw a basket 8 this morning and I was gonna Video him but he just passed right by my set-up like he was late getting somewhere lol...This looks like Anson Co Ground where I hunted with you Guys...Good Luck
    nice vid
    great spot Viper good luck.
    Looks like it was a great day to be tree hugging enjoying all of God's creations....
    That is a great picture of that owl. Beautiful! I've always wanted to see one in the wild they alude me.