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  • Holy Moly

    Holy Moly......look what the cats drug in! Well folks the season is upon us and I haven't been able to put the first trail cam out. The little wifey is in her final 5 semesters of school for nuclear med and pap Viper is working his butt off to pay for it. Props to the wifey!!!!!

    No Fear though I did see that the farmer choose corn to plant this year on the land I hunt,so no early season baiting for old Viper......just find the trails they always travel and hang out and see what happens. The last time corn was in rotation I got my first 10 pointer and a week later that cool looking pie-bald 8 pointer. I just hope the good Lord smiles on me again this year and i can just put some more backstraps in the freezer.
    Sorry for not being more involved with the forum but I see that GT and Diane00 have been doing a great job.
    Looking forward to a great season......even if I have to live it and see it from everyone else this year. Hope everyone is ready and dialed in! A few more weeks and and the best time of my year will begin.....seeing all the great post and harvest. I hope the youngsters are ready and the guys vs gals thing will be interesting to watch. Come'on guys the gals have been tearing out of the frame the past 2 years and now I understand DIANE00 is drawing back on a compound. I saw the short video and if she does like she did in gobbler out!
    I really have been too busy but nothing can take me away from deer season........well maybe DCB's deep fried turkey!
    Yall be safe out there! And God bless!
    Good Luck
    I don't know about the guys versus the gals,but it sure would be nice to take my fisrt deer this year,and maybe second,lol.I'm gonna give it my best shot.All we can do is try.Hope you do well this year also Viper.Maybe when your wifey gets done with school she will let you take a couple a years off just to hunt,lol.Good Luck!
    LOL Diane.....that's the plan. She said she's gonna buy me the boat I've always wanted. But I guess I better get some huntin in before I can't move my shoulders anymore......sure hate to have to go down to a! JK! But I sure love the compound and it's versatility. Some water time would be in order as well.

    Killin deer with a bow is given if you get the form down. The nice thing is you can always get the 2nd or 3rd one with that compound in the same hunt! Just makes the cleaning hard.....wink, wink!