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  • Barnett Crossbows...Be careful

    justintime, Heres a few I have read in the past and I understand your point. There's Pros and Cons in everything and I'm not bashing Barnett but can you really argue with results? So from a friend to a friend I was just saying be careful.My Local Bow-shop told me she would sell me anything, Even a Barnett but NOT to bring it back for any reason once I left the property!!! Here's a few post I found that made me think twice and I didn't look hard to find these..Just Google Barnetts...How Bad are they?

    Posted 28 November 2010 - 01:02 PM
    Pretty Angry right now! I have owned a barnett buck commander crossbow for about a month and Ive shot this crossbow maybe 25 times max! Lubeing the string and rail like you are supposed to based on the instructions... After hunting this morning, put in one of the arrows with a field tip on it to unload it and the string blew up and arrow went flying. How do I go about getting this fixed under warranty and what about the limbs... Are they damaged from this??? I am at a loss of words!

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    As far as How bad Barnetts are: There isn't enough space to list all the lousy things about them on here. Buying a cheap Barnett will get him nothing but cheap junk which will bring lots of problems !

    BARNETT BLEW UP %&^%)(*&^
    Mon Apr 09, 2007 1:13 pm
    well I guess that wasent such a great deal after all !! I was shooting it a few times this morning out of my rifle rest, when it fired by it's self ??? The bolt did hit the target but wow what a shock ! I looked it over real well and shot it 4 more time with out a problem. Well on the fith shot I cocked the bow put it in the rest , and as I started to slide the bolt down the rail ,(almost 3/4 down) the bitch went off , I almost riped my fingers off the bolt blew up and a limb cracked sending the cam flying god knows ware. I went to the hospital and luckely it just dislocated my index and middle fingers , But boy does it hurt thou
    I just got off the phone with BARNETT and they said how sorry they were and to send it back and they will look it over and fix it or replace it, I said you are just lucky some one didnt get hurt real bad or killed , I think I recall a trigger problem with them before does any one else ?? well time to get another ice pack .

    Mon Apr 09, 2007 1:55 pm
    We have read so many threads similar to this and Barnett's blowing up. I wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole.

    Mon Apr 09, 2007 4:50 pm
    I had a Quad 400 blow up for no apparent reason, cables, string limbs, wheels all over the place. Not a fun experience. Glad you are going to be ok.
    I was only trying to help...Seems like this site rolls right along until I show up and it dies? But it is 10:30 so..............Take Care Guys
    Not trying to defend it either way - I have one that so far hasn't caused me any issue but folks get a certain brand of bow, rifle, or whatever and that is who they tend to advocate for - we all do it if we like a product well enough.
    As for the reviews - there are some real idiots out there so I really try to find consistant / similar complaints about failure. What I have seen/read are probably the same complaints available for any brand we might look at but you were basically telling folks that you would stay away from the Barnetts so just wanted to see/read what you had.
    Anyway just my .02 - just wanted to give Barnett a fair shake. If I have any issues with mine I won't hide it, I'll let you know. For me their package deal was a very affordable deal for me to get my foot in the door. If/when I can afford it I'd love to get a Ten Point. I like the x-bows but I have found that I still prefer to shoot my compound, especially when I'm just shootin' in the yard with Huntman.
    GT - I think it was just everybody elses bedtime. Everybody loves your commentary - well, maybe not everybody but most. lol
    Now I'm going to bed cuz I think everyone else already has. lol
    Yeah me 2...Just for record I sold a top of the line Ten-point to buy my Parker, I was looking for the Post I made when I got it and was thrilled but couldn't find it? Anyway for the money, They are over-rated as well in my opinion...The thing weighed a ton and had the Steady-Eddy installed along with the Self Cocker built into the stock and all those Gizmos but I hated that thing lol...Gave $660 for it on Ebay Used and sold it for $850 on Craigslist lol...He seemed real happy and I Surely was!!!!!!!!!!!! Heres a Picture of the ten-point Blazer HP I had
    ten point
    I say Ten Point becuz I saw one at the DDC that I liked. Ultimately I really just like the compact design of the newer xbows. I'd have to look into it a little better but just judging a book by its cover - I think my favorite is the Horton Fury. That thing is inverted and looks bad to the bone but I'll have to sell many more tables before I can afford it. lol
    LOL Yeah I bet, I have also heard that the inverted Hortons are very hard on a string. My Bow-shop states that you gotta replace a string on that type 3 to 1 compared to a regular design but that's them talking not me lol, I know they sold a few of them for the reason you mentioned about being compact but those things are in a harsh bind when cocked. Did you hold the ten-point? The 1 I had was very heavy and loud!!
    Naw I didn't pick it up - I was lookin' it over and figured that it wasn't worth playin' with after I saw the price tag. lol
    That would surprise me about the strings on the inverted xbows. If I get another one I'll be looking for one of the compact models. The PSE Tac15 also looks nice and compact but I haven't done any homework on it.