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  • SCDNR Courtesy Boat Inspections

    A lot of sportsmen have the tendency to move along quickly whenever they spot a DNR officer. It's a natural reaction--even when not doing anything wrong--just in case you left a required piece of safety gear at home or forget to slap those new registration decals on your hull. Questions race through your mind--do you have a whistle onboard? Are there enough life-jackets? Does this size boat need a fire extinguisher?

    The DNR is here to help keep everyone safe and make sure we all follow the law, and throughout the month of July, DNR officers will be performing courtesy boat inspections at boat ramps all over the state.

    These inspections are for your benefit, and will not result in you being fined as long as they are done before you are on the water, so when you see these officers at the boat ramp, don't shy away from them. Let them help keep you safe and ensure you have all the proper gear you need to keep you legal.

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter