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  • Viperx4 in da house!

    Hey all you members....Viperx4 in the house again. whew....the mountain remodel is done, love the mountains but it's nice to be home again.

    Hey just wanted to tell everyone and anyone that are on Facebook to check out the NC Sportsman FB page and fishing photo contest and log-in and post your pictures.

    Happy fishing and enjoy your safe.
    Welcome Back
    Welcome back stranger,lol.My grandaughter Gracie was the first one to win the FB page contest with her trout.
    Oh............ great ...........ur back. Lol
    welcome back
    Thanx for the info - I don't facebook but goodluck to everyone.
    Diane tell Gracie Congrats.
    Well, Well, Well ..After over at least 100 texts I sent ya with NO replies, I had wrote you off as dead LOL...How about Creek? He been in the mountains with no Signal also???? I'm J/K...Guess you guys have been VERY Busy so I just stopped bothering ya.
    Thanks Justintime,I'll tell her.
    LOL GT
    I haven't heard from Creek myself either. It is our busy time of the year and between customer calls and wife calls wondering when we're coming home the days get crazy busy.

    Did want to say that in the mix of work my step father of 30 years lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on June 9th. Been busy helping my mother through this hardship. Bill Mintz was a wonderful man and a good christian that spent all his time helping everyone including complete strangers. He will be missed.

    He loved the outdoors!
    Sorry to hear about your stepfather Viper.My condolences to you and your family.
    Yeah Sorry about your Loss their man, As we all know...He's in a better place!!! I guess you never got that Gobbler close enough to take him out with a nail Gun huh? LOL...I tell ya man, It has always amazed me long before I lost my Mother to cancer and my Best friend (My Cousin who was the same age as me) who died of cancer at 34 Years Old that They can spend Billions and put a man on the Moon and he can walk around but they can't find a cure for Cancer....Just don't make sense to me....Thinkin about ya'll Buddy
    Heaven Bound
    Sorry for your loss Viper as well. Like GT said, he's in a better place than we are!
    Welcome Back!!
    Welcome back Viper!!

    I am so sorry to hear about your Step Father...There has been so many battles lost to cancer as of late around here.....I just absolutely hate it...You just sit and wonder how can something like that happen to all these wonderful people....there is a reason tough that we don't understand. In the end most of them have gone on to Paradise.....
    Sorry to hear that Viper
    I pray for your stepfathers family and close ones Viper. I know your glad to be back maybe youll be able to get a little deer hunting done.