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  • Santee Bar Pit Bream Fishing

    The bream fishing is heating up across the state, and the 'Bar Pit' behind the Lake Santee Dam is a good spot for anglers to target.

    Engineers built the Bar Pit while building the Santee Dam. Originally called the Borrow Pit, the name was shortened to Bar Pit by anglers too busy catching bream to fool with two-syllable words.

    The Bar Pit is long and narrow, providing anglers with easy access to both banks while fishing from small boats. Cypress trees and other flora line one bank, and crickets or worms dangled around the base of these will let you know real quick if a bream is hanging around. The other bank is clear with little to no shade, but attracts fish especially on cool mornings when the sun begins to warm the water. Live bait works here too, but don't hesitate to throw small spinners like Beetlespins and Mepps spinners. Cast parallel to the banks to keep the lures in the strike zone longer.

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter