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  • Lake Hartwell Bass Fishing Report

    The anglers fishing the Clemson Bass Fishing Team Open Tournament on Lake Hartwell over the weekend reported that they were catching large numbers of bass, but the big 'hogs' were hard to find. The bass that were caught came from either shallow or deep water.

    For the most part the fishermen, that got a check, were fishing the shallow water from 2 to four feet deep. Gunfish, swimbaits, and pencil poppers worked well on long shallow points, banks, and road beds.

    Good catches were reported on working albino green flukes on these shallow fish, plus on schooling fish. The schooling fish were coming up fast and going right back down.

    The winning worm anglers reported good catches on fishing the points in 30 feet of water especially in the morning. Carolina or Texas rigged worms in green pumpkin and watermelon seed were the consistent colors.

    The tournament anglers were bring in catches of 10-15 pounds for 5 bass and reporting catching 20 to 30 fish, but the big 'hogs' stayed home.

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn 'Teach' Corley