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  • Gameland Birds

    Opening Day on Archery Only Trac Was Great!! First Light Heard One Gobble, and 10mins Later 2 Crows Fly over and shocked 2 more Gobblers. 3 Altogether!! And They Where Close 50 Yards Or Less. Although i could'nt see the birds, i could heard Them. Finnaly after half hr or so i caught a glimse of All Three Birds. They where up above me, i was Down In A Draw along a creek. Long Story Short, Never did Get them in for a shot, i think i over called.But That Was AWSOME! Im Still Learning. ive killed a few birds But I Need to get better at Calling. Today I Heard only one Bird, but never saw Him. They Are Holeing up on the safety Zone ( Smart Birds) So There For Im Hugging the Safey Zone as Well. I Love hunting Turkey With Shotgun, but hunting on gameland in the archery only with crossbow, is the best turkey hunting ive ever seen. lots of birds and no hunters= Hopefully 2 Bagged Birds. I Will stay on the birds everyday until i can seal the deal.
    Well stick with it & good luck. At least you know where a few birds are and that's a start. You off of Old Oxford? Going back & forth to little league baseball my son & I have seen several birds in the outfalls & powerlines off of Red Mill right off of old Oxford but can't hunt most of that cuz of it being Treyburn land.
    Good luck.
    Gameland Birds
    Sounds like an exciting hunt Chad B!! Hopefully your hard work and dedication will pay off...Good luck!!
    Thnaks Ya'll, Yep Im Having Fun, But No Luck Yet. @ Justintime, Im Across From Polk Youth Prison, Behind Centrel Reginal Hospital. That Whole Area And 33rd St Seems To Have A Few Birds Here And There, The Trick is Getting Them To Come Out Of The Safety Zone, Which Is Proving TO Be No Small Task. It's Not Like Tv, Where The Birds Come In Nice And Slow Strutting Towards My Decoys. I Had One Turkey This Am Come in about 45 yards Stop and Look At My Jake A Hen Decoy, and then he Just walk Off and disapperad, never to be seen again lol, i tred to call, but got no answer. Maybe he saw me, not sure, but i think i may start using my chair Blind.
    Sorry for the delay - darn internet wuz out (again).
    Chad - I know where you're talkin' about. I hope you're able to get one. Can you / have you tried brickhouse? I'm not sure what the regs are there. I've been down there (brickhouse) to rabbit hunt a few times but I'm not sure about turkey hunting or if there even are many birds there.
    Anyway good luck & hope to see you posting some pics soon.