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  • Turkeys!

    Hey Guys! Have not had much time to get on lately! But have bought myself a new bow as well as my wife! Got a Brute X and she got a Craze. Been shooting a lot! Having fun, still am not having any luck tracking down a place to look for some turkeys! Anyone want to help a man and wife out with an idea or 2, we dont get to spend a lot of time together with my work schedule and we would love to do this together! Anything helps!
    Hello again Nc_FishandHunt, Glad you got the Wife out and shooting a Bow. Again Good Luck in Finding a place to hunt...Not sure about How it's Done in the Rocky Mountains but Brother, Your gonna need a Thick Wallet to hunt in these Parts if your Looking for a decent lease/Club...If you read many Post on here, You know I hunt alot of Public Game Land...Is It easy? NO!! But it will pay off if you put the Effort in. I have been Very Blessed by meeting a Few People from this very site and it's lead me to Hunt and Fish in Places I never could have otherwise, So stick around and Maybe you will find something also...I will Say this...Only the Strong survive hunting a season of Public land in these Parts but it CAN be worth your Time and Effort...All I can Offer you is some Good Luck
    Nice to see you and your wife shooting NC_HuntandFish!! I bought my wife her first bow for Christmas and she loves it...She is very anxious to take it turkey hunting lol... As far as land goes, like GT said, you got to have some $$$ to get a good quality lease/club these days..It is getting harder and harder to find a piece of private property that is not leased. There are some great public land opportunities though... You just might have to share them with others though. I am blessed to have the spots I have and I wish I could help you out...Like GT said we have met some awesome people on this site and if you stick around long enough you may meet someone close to you that may have something for ya.... Good luck anyway though....
    It takes sometime to establish the right kind of relationships but spend time networking with people. People @ work, church, etc - where ever you spend your time. You can talk to them about hunting in general but I really suggest you let them get to know you a bit first before you start asking permission. A lot of folks don't react favorably if you just go directly at them. To be perfectly honest you have to have some interpersonal skills and 'work' folks - figure out what makes them 'tick'. Think - spend your time talking to folks that you might have a shot with. In our area I don't even talk to people w/ horses becuz my experience has been that they are all so scared their horse(s) are gonna get shot they do not allow hunting (not even w/ a bow) - but that's my area. English riders are worse about this then those that ride western pleasure and we've got a bunch of the English riders. It doesn't always pan out - heck, the majority of them time it doesn't. It's all part of the process. I do not approach folks about hunting in full camo - i'm generally dressed casual. Have something written up explaining what you'd like to hunt, how you're gonna hunt it (climbers, bow only, etc), and what you can offer the landowner (meat, small maint, posting, etc).
    If you're lucky enough to find some land like this always go out of your way to keep the landowner happy. I had one lady that let me hunt but asked that she or her kids never see the deer I killed so I slipped in and slipped out but had another older fella that loved to see every doe and would talk to you for 3 hours. It's all just part of it. Be sure to let folks know what you can bring to the table - you already know what you want from them so let them know what you can do for them.
    Like I said most of them times you roll snake eyes but this is what I do becuz I don't have money to get these high priced leases.
    Little more info
    Use the City GIS or google earth - DCB has mentioned this in previous posts and I also use it. You can look @ properties near you and get the landowners mailing addresses - send them a nice letter w/ your email and cell #. There are a lot of properties owned by folks that don't live on the property - some out of state. I send them letters, again most don't respond but occasionally one will.
    If you have the cash there is a hunt club that hunts the NC State Forest (1000+ ac) in northern Durham County. That place is slam full of deer and there are some huge bucks in there becuz they rarely ever need to come out of there and most of the hunters are too lazy to go deep enough to get them. There are turkeys, coyotes, and all types of other critters in there also. NC State use to sell seasonal permits to whomever wanted them but then the whole place got leased to the highest bidder a couple years ago. I believe the current membership to the club is around $900 per person for the year. They plant food plots and whatnot and the have several penalty rules for shooting small bucks, etc. But if you're interested I can get you the contact info. I'd love to hunt in there but just can't afford that price tag.
    The buck in the pic which was also the 2007 cover, was taken on a farm right beside the NC State forest.
    Thanks Everyone
    I have been networking and just talking to people I meet. I have just mentioned to people my interest in hunting. I have looked into trips and clubs, the NC state forest does not sound bad. Is there a lot of members? I plan on Deer hunting this season public land near me, as I have seen a lot of tracks but other than that I really have no idea where to start. Especially with turkeys... But again thanks everyone for all the info!
    I believe they're limited and selective. They have a sorta interview type thing - askin who you are, how long you've hunted, etc etc. I don't know the total # of members but I'd guess around 25 - there are only about 5 of them that I see out there frequently.