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  • David Unser Autographed Cover :)

    I had the HONOR of having David Unser autograph my copy of the South Carolina Sportsman Cover Shot that I took for the March Magazine. David is an avid sportsman and genius when it comes to fishing for almost any species on the planet. A mastermind with rigging, knots and baits. There are footprints of his on sandy beaches in far off lands, where he was the only human to ever set foot there... He has traveled the world by boat, plane, foot and sail. Stories of his endeavours are heard only by the light of a Browntown Firepot in the backyard of his faithful companion Sam. I aspire to be as well traveled and as good of a story teller as he.
    SOME DAY..... SOME DAY!!!

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Representative
    Brian M.Carroll
    Mount Pleasant, South Carolina