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    Hi folks,

    I'm never hunted a public game land before, and was considering trying one or more this coming season in '12. To familiarize myself, I figured I'd like to walk around one a bit in the off-season. Is this allowed? Perhaps the regs vary with the individual gamelands? It sounds like some or all are actually private property. So, if I found a shed antler while walking, are you allowed to remove it?

    For example, I was thinking of taking a walk around the Tillery Gameland in Northampton Co.

    Also, it appears that for Tillery, it is open only in the first and last weeks of rifle season (I may have the dates wrong on that, but I'll be sure before I go there this fall.). Are you allowed to use rifle on these lands then? I thought they might only be bow/shotgun or something like that.

    Anyway, I appreciate any help/advice you can give a guy. Thanks.
    Hello hawkman, And WELCOME to the Site!!! Not sure about that particular Game-Land but Keep checking back for updates because I'm sure someone on here can help you Out, But The Yearly Hunting/Trapping/Fishing Regulations should Answer all your Questions. Pick you up a Copy at WalMart and GOOD LUCK!!!
    Tillery Game Lands
    I think the Tillery game land is in Halifax Co.Here are the rules for Tillery Game Land – Halifax County (5,219 acres)
    Six-day-per-week area.
    Gun Either-Sex Deer Season: Oct. 15 – Oct. 21 and
    Dec. 27 – Jan. 2 (moderate season).
    Horseback riding, including all equine species, is prohibited.
    Dogs may not be used for hunting deer.
    Turkey hunting is by permit only. (See the Permit Hunting
    Opportunities publication to apply.)
    Thanks to both of you. I have read that excerpt from the regs booklet online. I have some friends who don't hunt public land think that rifle was not allowed. I visited one gameland the other day to check it out. I wanted to be sure I was on the gameland and not on private property. I'd like to try it out this fall possibly, but I'd sure like to talk to a game officer first and clarify some questions about hunting that tract. I certainly want to respect private landowners' rights as well as the law in regard to hunting the gameland. That's fine and dandy, but I'd hate to make even an honest mistake and get in trouble. I was looking at an interactive map of gamelands, and saw some labelled 'Upper Roanoake River Gamelands'. Does that fall under all the Roanoke River gamelands? In other words, does that one (near Jackson, NC) require a federal permit as well? Thanks again.