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  • Coonhunting Jordan Or Chatham Game Lands?

    Does anyone on here ever coonhunt Jordan or Chatham gamelands.
    My friend and I were thinking about coming down that way this weekend but would hate to drive that far if it is not fit to coonhunt.
    Any input from anyone is appreciated.
    We live near Asheville so it is a pretty good drive.
    If any of you deer hunters need a few thinned out down that way since deer season is out we would be up to that too.

    Sorry I missed this, I do not browse the forum here much...
    Next year you should give it a try. I know Jordan has some good coonhunting, it's best to wait after deer season as all that activity seems to blow it up for awhile...

    If you are ever east of Raleigh members of Toisnot Swamp Coon Club in Wilson are nice, they have a facebook and have often let folks stay at their club and pleasure hunt.