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  • Fletchings

    Is it better to shoot with 2 inch fletchings or 4 inch fletchings? What differecne does the size matter? I'm shooting 2 inch Balzer vanes on Easton ST Excel 500's shaft. My tips are 100 grains. 27 inch pull,pulling about 57 pounds.
    what type of arrowrest do you use? i have a whisker biscuit and the guy i take my bow to told me that 2' vane are better to shoot in that type of rest.
    What type of rest do u use cause if u shoot a whisker biscuit then stay with the blazer vanes because the longer fletching does slow the arrow down not much just a little. as far as difference i just think its old verses new and remember this is just a personal opinion.
    I am using a whisker biscuit.
    Alot of Vane Choice depends on the Broadhead your Shooting Also...A Bigger Broadhead like a Rocky Mountain, WASP, Thunderhead ETC, Will Fly Terrible with a Blazer vane because the Head intimidates the vane. I Shot Low-Profile 'Slick Trick' Heads 1 year with Blazers and they flew like Darts!!! Very Quiet also...I Switched to the 'Undertaker' Heads which were Expandables and They flew great also BUT...It was only a 100 grain head...I have never Liked a Whisker Biscuit myself and stayed with a Drop-Away But They (Whisker Biscuit)are about the best Rest for Hunting...1 less thing to Worry about LOL...If your getting Crazy arrow Flight with your favorite Head then I would suggest Moving up in Vane Size...When I shot Thunderheads, A 3 inch feather vane was the ticket with those but there again...It was a 125 grain head........With 57 Pounds and a 100 grain head, You should be Fine...Just remember, The Bigger the head, The More Help it will need with the Fletch./Vanes...Good Luck

    Cool New Profile pic BTW
    Just the Facts
    Well here it is and just the facts. 4 inch vanes provide better stability and quicker control of any broad head and shaft and start the arrow on it's path. Blazers are used to gain speed but, you sacrifice stability. You can doubt this if you want but I and Inferno4me have corno tested the difference between 2 inch blazer and 4 inch vanes......hold your seat.....blazer vanes only give you 2 feet per second on your speed, but you you sacrifice stability at longer distances.

    There's more to it than just 2 inch or 4 inch. Offset.....offset is what determines the rotation on your arrow. I shoot 4 degree right offset. If you're a lefty you should have your arrows fletched 4 degrees left offset. Offset starts the rotation quicker vs straight fletched. You can Fletch right and left helix which is extreme rotation but will drop your speed by at least 5 feet per second.

    I'll stay with 4 inch vanes set at 4 degree offset myself! You did see the 100 yard 6 inch balloon break video I posted?

    Just a foot note: nothing should be in contact with your arrow shaft upon release but your string. Drop the biscuit and get a drop away.
    oh my
    Hey GT he's shooting those balloons again this time please show how to cook last on we tried tasted like rubber lol
    Thanks viper I'm going to try the 4/4 thing i hadn't been statisfied with my groups.
    Drop away
    Like everyone has said, get away from that whisker biscuit. They also have drop away rest with capture systems that will hold your arrow in place when in stand by mode. There's plenty of archery knowledge floating around this site. How's things going viper? Haven't heard from ya in a while?
    Hello NChunter8, I was wondering about you...You quit answering My texts after Deer Season LOL...Glad your O.K.
    NC8.....been doing good. I had to catch up on work after deer season....well work started pounding me in November. Because of that I wasn't able to hunt as much as I would have liked to.

    Work has also cut into my posting and surfing on this site. Things are slack right now but tax returns are coming and that's when my work takes off.

    I've been enjoying catching up the past few weeks with everyone on the site and I'm getting pumped for Turkey season and the Dixie Deer Classic coming up!