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  • new buck limit

    Has anyone heard anything about the new proposed laws regulating buck deer in SC. What is the legislative law title. Is the department of Natural Resources using some sort of tatic to get in on the money trail and issue tags for buck deer. Is the new proposed limit on Buck deer a way for the Department of Natural
    Resources to get in on the money trail! For example: They say coyotes are killing deer, issue tags which cost money, the deer population increases due to less kills, they increase the amount of tags, result equals more money for the Natural Resources Department. Bottom line, I say if they regulate to less Buck Deer per season then they should not be allowed to charge a fee for Buck Deer via the way of the doe hunting permits.

    Let your Legislator know what you think!
    Have not seen anything yet, but you can bet Pat Robertson will have the details when it comes out in the 'Newsbreakers' section of SOUTH CAROLINA Sportsman.
    Overview of new deer proposals
    Here is a link the the SCDNR website explaining the new deer limit proposals.