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  • Lake Murray Help

    Me and my fishing partner are looking for someone to show us around lake murray to do some prefishing on february 19th 20th and 21st. If someone is willing to do one or several of those days we would be very grateful and willing to reemburse them for all their expenses and some for their time

    thank you very much, Tad Murdock

    My number is 678 500 5713
    Yo Tad, if you want to do it right and not waste your money, you need to hire a professional guide. May I suggest Capt. Doug Lown. Capt. Doug is a USCG licensed captain and has over 30 years of experience on Lake Murray. Give Capt. Doug a call at home-803-321-9026 or cell-803-924-8946. I have fished with Capt. Doug, and he knows his stuff. Teach
    I'll second that
    I second Teach's recommendation to hire Capt. Doug. I've also fished with him, and he knows the lake, the fish, and is also a fun guy to sit in a boat with. He will put you on the fish and is entertaining as well.