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  • Jordan Gameland has squirrels

    Im Now Hunting Squirrels On Jordan, have Gotten all areas clear on Butner-falls that i wanted to. ive now bagged 89 Squirrels and still going. Ive Just been on Jordan since Monday 751 area, and ive taken 12 squirrels in 2 Days. Went This am seen 3, but never got a shot off. Going back this afternoon. Im Rocking the squirrels big time last year i got 83, this season i may double that. Goodluck to ALL. (Safety Alert) Hikers seem to think since deer season is over that the can just stroll around on Gameland as they please. People gameland is not a nature Trail, there are some parts, that trails go though, but most of gameland is for hunting only. Where im at people keep walking there dogs and smoking cigerettes and running around. Yesterday, had 3 people walk right into my line of fire. I Had no idea that they where there no orange. they are very lucky that i didnt squeeze the trigger on the 2 running squirrels. ( i did bag the squirrels later) They acted like i was in there way. lol i said nothing told them it wasnt a nature trail, and they said yes it was and i just said ok well becareful because people hunt this nature tral. So Ya'll becareful!! if someone says anything to you, dont get mad, because most of these peole are antihunters who will go back and tell. so just do like i did and focus on the hunt, not the people who dont know any better.
    Sounds like your a skilled squirrel hunter,with a lot of practice in.The trails are the same up here where I live,people walking don't give safety a second thought.It just makes it harder on the hunters,trying to hunt and watch out for hikers and bikers at the same time.It should be the law that they have to wear the orange too. I guess thats what you have to put up with on public land.Good luck to you and be careful.
    @ Diane00, Ive Gotten Pretty good The Last 4 Seasons. Ive Developed Alot of Patcience Hunting Squirrels, I May See squirrels running ing the trees, but out of Range. Its Hard not to try and get up and move towards them. Ive done that a few times and failed badly lol. So Now when i start seeing squirrels, i just sit and wait until they come into Range. It Pays Off, most of the time. i dont get squirrels everytime i go out, but i do see squirrels almost everytime. I Dont Mind Hikers Using Gameland!! But The need to realize That hunting season isnt over until feb 29th, and that the should where orange. And if They chose to hike, then the need to stay on the main trails and paths. These People came way off the trail where i was. I Dont care if they scare the game, i just dont want to pepper anyone with shot. Most of the hikers i do see, are real nice and frieldly and are awhere that its hunting land and season, so they are realy quite and respectful. We All wANT TO Enjoy the outdoors, so i just trying to be more aware of my surroundinds before i shoot. im all safetly.
    That sign is a good idea.I think if I were hunting squirrels it would be real tempting to try and follow them instead of sit still too,lol.But what you say does make a lot of sense.I guess if you try to follow them you'd be chasing them all day.Good luck to you.
    Bushytail Blaster
    Knock'em Out CHAD, LOL I wish I could hunt everyday...I do have some days saved up but It's going to be Turkey hunting when I take off...You see much Turkey Sign on that game-land??
    @ Diane00, Thanks, Yea, it is resist the urge to get up and move closer, sometimes i do, it all depends on the situation.@ Gt, Thanks Man, Yea It Is Nice To Be Able To Hunt Everyday, But It Does Get Expensive ( Gas, shells and other supplies) Im Very Lucky. My Family owns a small Real estate Business, and i worked out a deal with my Family That i only have to work From End Of May (After Turkey Season) Until The Day Before Labor Day. But The only Thing is, work few hrs, i make very litte $$ So im on a real tight Budget. Its Just enough to get me by, but hunting is well worth being Poor for. I Have been Seeing a few turkeys here and there, Both on Jordan and Butner-falls, alot of hens some Jakes no long beards. I Hear More Then I Get To See. Ive not put in for turkey permits yet, maybe soon. Deadline is march 1st.
    Well Good Luck if you try for a tag
    @ Gt, Thanks Buddy, You Too, I Hope You Get 2 Nice Toms, You Deserve Them, You Are Always Helping Us Out On Here, And Sharing Good Stories And Advice. We're All greatful to have good Moderaters Like You. I Know You Said You Hunt In Rowan County, Ever Been To, Second Creek Gameland? I Was Looking into That maybe for some bow hunting next season.
    Heres ya some info Chad B that might Help ya.

    The Squirrels of North Carolina

    The Gray Squirrel: Did you know that the official state mammal of North Carolina was a squirrel , the gray squirrel and in 1969 the General Assembly made the Gray Squirrel the official mammal of North Carolina. The gray squirrel can easily be found in all corners of North Carolina and it is just as much at home in the swamps of eastern North Carolina as it is in the upland hardwood portions of the state in the Piedmont and in the western counties. The gray squirrel is abundant in out towns, and cities and is a big menace or nuisance when they invade attics, chimneys, fireplaces, basements and other parts of the home, business, commercial or industrial establishments.
    The Gray squirrel is omnivorous like all squirrels will eat things such as: birdseed, spring bulbs, tree buds, frogs, small birds, eggs, insects, insect larva, fruits, conifer cones, and nuts. We love to watch squirrels bury their catches and in a average lifetime a gray squirrel will bury thousands of catches underground and save them for later. Many of these catches are remarkably found later but many go unfound and eventually if they are nuts or pine cones will eventually take root from the “planting” by the squirrel and become new growth or trees. I like to think of squirrels as accidental foresters.
    Gray squirrels like their cousins the Fox squirrel have litters twice a year once in the late summer between August and September and in late Winter early spring from Feb-April each year. Their gestation period is on average 44 days, babies when born weigh about 15g and born hairless and are commonly referred to as”pinkies” in the pest control trade when newborn young litters are found.

    The Fox Squirrel: There are three distinct geographical phases in coloration: in most areas the animals are brown-grey to brown-yellow, while in eastern regions such as the Appalachians there are more strikingly-patterned dark brown and black squirrels with white bands on the face and tail. In the south can be found isolated communities with uniform black coats.

    The Fox Squirrel like its cousin the gray squirrel is a tree squirrel and live all over the State of North Carolina. Their gestational period is about the same as the gray squirrel 44 days average and diets are similar being they too like the gray squirrel are omnivorous. Fox squirrels can live in homes and do not belong in homes. Fox squirrels thrive best among trees such as oak, hickory,walnut and pine that produce winter-storable foods like nuts.
    The fox squirrel is the largest of the squirrel species found here in North Carolina and they have many color variations but the most common here in North Carolina are dark brown and black squirrels with white faces.
    Fox squirrels are also sometimes referred to as the stump-eared squirrel, raccoon squirrel, or monkey-faced squirrel.

    Red Squirrels: A third squirrel, a tree squirrel like their cousins the Fox Squirrel and the Gray Squirrel is the American Red Squirrel. American Red Squirrels are also referred to as Pine Squirrels, North American Red Squirrels and Chickarees. Red squirrels are easily identified from their other cousins the Gray Squirrel and the Fox squirrel because they are smaller in size, and they are red and have whitish fur on their underbellies .
    Of the three tree squirrels here in North Carolina the red squirrel is only found in the Western Appalachian part of North Carolina and is rarely found in homes but they have been found in homes just not that common.
    Man, How Did I Miss That, Gt, Thanks, Thats Just What i was looking For, it looks like There May Be Some Reds In The Mountains, it Looks Like Toxaway May Have A Few, Thx, Thats Is A Good Bit Of Info, You Are The Man.
    No Problem
    Your Welcome Buddy and Yes I'm sure the Mountains will have them...There's a rest area in Virginia, Pretty Close to the NC Line that I stop at sometimes on my way home to West VA. and I have seen some HUGE Squirrels around that place...Hope you get your Goal this year...After this Cold snap, they should be Scurrying around alot More...GOOD LUCK!!!