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  • Rookie Reflections

    Rookie Reflections

    The 2011 whitetail season is over. With broadheads quivered and field points at the ready, itís time to start preparing for next season. Thatís right, thereís no time to rest; the off-season is where the greatest strides as a bowhunter are made.
    Iíve come an incredibly long way since I purchased my first bow last June. Under the tutelage of my older brother from another mother, Steve, Iíve put myself in position to have a really successful season in 2012. Under his guidance, Iíve learned everything from anchor points to lunar influence to proper field dressing technique Ė and then some.
    No bucks took an arrow of mine this season, but horn-hunting isnít what bowhunting (or any form of hunting, really) is all about. Itís about understanding. If one is able to understand his mistakes, lessons are learned and reinforced much quicker, and with greater breadth and depth. As a result, one is apt to become a more efficient hunter. With efficiency comes success.
    I am no exception. I never found the first doe I shot. Well, I did, but it was too late to reap any harvest. It wasnít for lack of effort, rather it was a rookie error that I made Ė once. Make no mistake it will not happen again. In a rush of adrenaline and excitement, my commotion pushed her farther than where she chose to lie.
    Losing my first deer because of my error was disappointing. Steve, though, encouraged me to continue with my efforts. We discussed in great detail the situation and the events that caused the doe to jump and continue her flight. From noise to bloodtrail and everything in between, we broke the hunt and what went wrong down in search of complete understanding. I am now better for it. Two weeks later in the same location, I arrowed another doe in the early morning hour. The second time around everything went right. My arrow flew with purpose. I knew I put a great shot on her. Fifty yards from first blood, with a highly visible blood trail, we found the doe. Steve gave me quite a bear hug in congratulation. For me, the sight of my first found doe was a massive accomplishment.
    Throughout my rookie season, I learned and have come to understand a wealth of information that I will carry with me in my quiver for the rest of my life. Now that I have a solid foundation underfoot, itís time to build a bowhunter out of me. As for the next eight months, the name of the game becomes practice, practice and then practice some more. A little fishing never hurt, either.
    Great season
    Congrats Buddy....Hey BowFishing is a TON of Fun LOL