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    SELECTOOL ~ The MASTER SHARPENER that Sharpens Almost Anything.

    The SELECTOOL is a very innovative tool. I was stopped at a trade show by a gentleman 'JR Neumiller' he asked if I had a knife. I asked why and he told me that in seconds he could make it razor sharp. So I obliged :) 'There is NO WAY that he can make my pocket knife razor sharp in seconds, So I gave him the opportunity.' I handed him my BUCK and let him go at it... AMAZINGLY ENOUGH in just seconds he had an edge that would cut paper. 'WOW'. Very Very Cool ...Now you have to show me this thing. How did you do that? I watched in amazement as he switched from my pocketknife to a machete and then to a lawnmower blade. Each was just as sharp as the next. He sold me in just a minute or two... If you have a kitchen, and I know that most of you do. You have to get one of these. I sharpened all of my knives in the kitchen in about 15 minutes. No more PUSHING through bread, and no more squashed tomatoes. This thing is AMAZING~ Check out the website and get yours today!

    Sharp For Life...

    'Sharpen Any Knife In Seconds for Life!!

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Representative
    Brian M. Carroll
    Mount Pleasant, South Carolina