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  • Turkey Shoot!

    Well guys remember the shotgun I won last week at the turkey shoot? Well I dressed her up a little with a Carlson's extended turkey choke, put a fancy sling on her and took her back to the same turkey shoot Friday Night!

    Actually the new gun had a date with with my 3 year old neice. Little Rylie has been going to the turkey shoot for a couple of weeks now, dressed in her coveralls, camo jacket, pink saftey glass and ear plugs. All she wanted was a turkey for Thanksgiving. Well.....she got her wish tonight. With the help of her wonderful dad Tim and the newly dressed up shotgun Rylie beat out 9 grown men and won a turkey!

    Her dad would rest the gun and point it in the right direction and she would crawl under his arm and look down range and when she was ready....and she takes her time....she'd pull the trigger. She actually got in another shoot off but lost the shoot off round.

    Rylie might be 3 feet tall and 3 years old.....but folks she will be in the woods one day with us. In fact at home she has a youth pink .22 caliber she shoots weekly. Always with her glasses and ear plugs! Go Rylie!

    She says , now that she has won a turkey she wants to shoot a deer!
    Pink 22
    LOL, I think Every Little Girl in a Hunting family has 1 of those Pink 22 Crickets LOL But to my Surprise My daughter didn't want a Pink 1...She was like 3 and Her Grand-Pa got her 1 and she asked 'What other Colors did they Have?' Well needless to say, The Pink 1 Got returned and Now she has a Black 1 LOL...Hey Those Little 22s Shoot great!!!!Enjoy the Turkey..On a Side Note...My Mother will turn over in her Grave but this year we are letting Bojangles Do our Turkey..Tried 1 last year from there that was Deep-Fried and MAN!!! Talk about your tounge slapping your Brains out!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!
    Little pink gun!
    The little pink gun is a 1906 single shot .22 that her dad's Grandpa gave him when he was young. He painted it pink for her. I know what you're thinking ....paint a 1906 pink!