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  • Grandson's Big Buck

    I am so proud of my 12 year old grandson Tj Connor who got this nice 7 point buck with a 54 caliber blackpowder muzzler loader. This big buck dressed out at 170 pounds and he dressed it out, (of course with a little help from his papa). He has been going hunting with me from the time he could walk. His grandmother and I surprised him with a life time hunting license for his 10th birthday and the look in his eyes when he open that envelope was priceless and as you can see it more than paid off. Good job Tj!
    Papa & Mamma Fox
    Congratulations TJ!
    Congratulations TJ....whooo Hooo! Man that buck has some great mass. I don't black powder hunt but, after seeing that picture....I might start! Man that is a great buck and a great picture. Maybe we can get you in the magazine.

    Hey should get the best Grand-Pa award. Taking the time to teach and not just be the hunter is very admirable. Cudos to you!

    TJ, I hope that buck is getting mounted....I know a great taxidermist!

    If you get the time TJ...please tell the story of the hunt from start to finish, so we can relive it with you!

    Thanks Viperx4
    Wow, that is Fantastic!
    What a great buck you have there. You should be very proud of that! Great job!
    Great Job TJ, And Grandpa----You did Good!!! It was my Grandpa that took time to let me sit on his knee and learn the ways of the woodlot...Your Grandson will NEVER forget what you have did for him...My Daughter is 9 and has her Lifetime as well. Great investment and about the cost of 1 of those useless High Tech Video Game Systems LOL....Congrats and Welcome to the site!!!
    Great job TJ on an fantastic deer. Grandpa, that was a great gift and investment that will pay dividends for years to come!
    Congrats tj on a nice buck...also hats off to you grndpa for introducing him to the sport of grandpa introduced it to me when I was two..he took me squrriel huntin and ive been addicted ever since....those memories will last a lifetime for sure.
    great buck
    Nice deer TJ some of us hunt for a very long time to get a buck as nice as that.
    Black powder buck
    Very nice Buck! That deer has sure been eating good. What a great time you both must have had in scoring such a nice trophy. Keep up the good times and stay in the outdoors and you will be rewarded many more times as you have already. I really like the antlers! Congratulations young man! Grandpa, I can see you now speaking about how proud you are of him. It is a great vision. Keep him in the woods. Best of luck the remainder of the season.
    tj's trophy