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  • trip to halifax county

    well guys got back from my first hunting trip to eastern carolina and loved it . hunted in halifax county. the weather wasnt the best rainy and windy but still seen plenty of deer. seen 2 really nice bucks but couldnt get a shot. i harvested a doe with my new slug gun and dropped her in her tracks. one thing i did learn was that dog hunters are possibly the biggest idiots ive seen . the landowner of the property had to chase them off. and one day i heard dogs runnin and heard seven shots in a row guess they cant shoot . it must be touph havin ur own property out there with them runnin dogs like that. otherwise it was awesome way more deer then where i live will definitely be back next season.
    Sorry but I can't help myself about your comment on all the shots the dog hunters take. I guess they have it all figure out....load the deer down with enough lead from the unleathal shots of buckshot that they finally stop! I know everytime I hear shot, after shot, after shot, after shot, after shot.....I just think....missed, missed, missed, missed! Well until I take a single shot and bring the deer home to clean and find them full of lead from the year before! Sure paints a pretty picture for PETA! Can't say they're helping promote the sport! Welcome to our world down here!
    Dog Huntin
    I understand you guys being mad about the dog hunters on top of you but basspuller all dog hunters are not idiots, there are just as many still hunting idiots as dog hunting ones. I love dog hunting and still hunting and I see yalls side of it as a still hunter, too but i would like yall to put yourself in the shoes of a dog hunter if a the deer is being run by dogs it may take 7 shots to hit it. I am not offended by yalls opinion but would just like to tell mine also. I do little dog hunting now and a lot of still hunting because there is not a lot of land to do it on and i do not want any problems with anyone. do not take me the wrong way I am not trying to be a smart allic.
    I stopped posting on here b/c of all the trash talking about dog hunting. It use to be a ok site to visit but now I only check it 1-2 times a week if that anymore. I don't hunt with dogs anymore but I grew up hunting with dogs in Virgina and don't care how people hunt aslong as its legal. I hunt in Pender County and people hunt with dogs around the land my club hunts but we have never had any problems with them they always ask if they can get a dog or if we have seen or heard them. But b/c a few people have bad a time with a few doghunters everyone who does it is bad. If you like hunting with dogs you will be part of the minority group on here.
    Hey Sharkbait....sorry you feel that way but I started out hunting behind dogs. It all ended when I shot a doe with buckshot in the hams at the age of 13. I had to run a mile down the road to get a pistol to finish her off because they wouldn't let me shoot her again with the shotgun. She had crawled about 100 yards from where I had left her. That was enough for me.

    PETA is all over our butts for hunting anyway. The least we can do is kill ethically/quick kills like the majority of this country hunts. The future of this sport is still hunting not standing on the side of the roads looking like warriors as non-hunters drive by!

    A lot of dog hunters I know are figuring it kill more and bigger once you park the dogs! This isn't trash talking it's the facts! How many trophies have you seen posted on here or FB NCdeerhunters, that were killed in front of dogs this year? Not many! Oh buy the way on the FB page that was the last subject....dogs! I've been on this site since 2004 but their records don't reflect that. This has been a subject since then nothing new. Haven't you seen that in the 3 years you've been on here? Thanks for staying with us!

    Just glad your spending the time with your son James and teaching him the proper way! Good luck.....I hope he gets a monster! Go James!
    Deer hunting
    We have been ontop of a dog box this year just as much as we have been up a tree. But the guys I hunt with we don't shoot everything that runs out infront of us just the other day we ran 10 deer and only shot at one and it was a nice 9 that was killed by a 13 year old girl with a 20ga. I hope doghunting doesn't go away but when I no longer have a choice I will probably give hunting up all together and just stick to fishing until they start telling me how I have to fish. I hunt alot more than most people do and spend alot of money on it every year for someone to tell me how I should/have to hunt.

    As for James if he gets his way we will have a few dogs of our own next year. He is hooked on it just like I was when I was his age, I wouldn't trade the world for the look on his face when he hears those dogs strike-up and take off for the chase.
    Hello Sharkbait and Welcome back...Buddy I'm confused, 1st Comment states 'I Don't hunt with Dogs anymore' 2nd Comment 'We have been on top of a Dog Box most of the season' and 'Gonna get some dogs of our own' But Your correct, It's Legal and some Love it so more power to them..If it was Any of my opinions that offended you, I'm Sorry...I don't have to deal with Dog Hunters and Like I have posted before..I tried it Twice 'The 1st and Last Time'...I actually felt sorry for what those Deer went through that Day...Call me a Softy but I consider myself a Sportsman and Only Kill what I Plan to eat..Yeah, Just like Rabbit hunting, it was exciting to hear the Dogs running but after a Few hours I noticed that it was more of a Blood Sport for these Guys and excluded myself from future invites but It's Legal and To each thier own BUT If that was how I had to take a Deer, I would Fish Year round Also!!! I understand that All Dog Hunters are Not the same also...Please stay around and Voice your Opinion...Your entitled to that....Good Luck Man!!!
    This is the first year in about 4 years that I have actually been hunting with dogs. Until 2005 or so I had never been in a treestand to hunt, I have always been hunting with dogs or would go walking through the woods with a shotgun or my BP rifle (during the 2 week BP season up in VA). But I also had never hunted here in NC until 2005. Up in VA where I grew up and hunted you can only use a shotgun with buckshot, no slugs or rifles and the only time you can use a BP rifle is during the 2 week season for them. Also I have only been out in a stand 3 times since gun season started and have been dog hunting the last 3 saturdays. I hunted alot during the first part of the season with my bow and blackpowder and the only reason is b/c there isn't alot of people in the woods then.
    Dog Hunting Halifax
    I seen your post and thought....'PERFECT OPPORTUNITY'. I also hunt in Halifax county (Whitakers), I never see the dog hunters that much, but when Im bow hunting I hear em running everywhere all around me. I CANT STAND IT! I think it will be just a matter of time before the state completely makes it illegal. which in my case will be a great day! i dont have anything against the Hunter himself, but when YOUR dog runs across MY land, then we have problems. I consider that to be Trespassing. Like I said, no hate against the hunter. P.S.....from the way it seems, they arent having too good of luck, cause my nice deer are still roaming around my cameras. lol
    dog hunting dispute
    any hunter on here that has hunted around dogs long enough knows they dont kill tons of big bucks when running dogs. i grew up both stil hunting and dog hunting and i will say still hunting has produced bigger and better deer. on the other hand i cant agree with the not liking to hear the dogs when sitting in the tree. ive seen a deers reaction when the dogs strike up and they are feeding in a field or standing in the woods. you know what 99 percent of the big bucks do. bed down, or hold tight. for everyone out there that thinks dog hunting is ruining their still hunting spots you are wrong. the bucks have grown up with dogs in the woods and probably been chased once or twice by the dogs, they consider them just like any other predator in the woods. and interact with them more then you think. you would be surprised to see how quick a mature buck will double back on a whole herd of dogs and lay back down. for example we were hunting one morning with dogs when i was younger. i was with the guy dropping the dogs,we probably let out 10 dogs right on the road. as we lead then into the woods they all start hitting scent and barkng up a storm! everyone thinks they are on a deer (hopefully a big buck) right? wrong, as i walk back to the truck to get my gun i look to the other side of the road opposite of the dogs and guess what i see. two very nice 8pt bucks bedded maybe 15yd in the woods. still laying there and not moving. yes they will run the heck out of some does and younger bucks. but for all who are worried about their mature bucks getting shot or ran due to dog hunters. relax...they got big for a reason! they are SMART and no pack of hunting dogs will change that.
    Dog hunting
    Running dogs for deer..... did it for three years in the 80's. Did I consider myself a idiot back then? NO! Am I a idiot now? NO! I know how fustrating it is now to have some ones dogs run across your property while you are trying to hunt from a stand. It sucks! But on the other hand sometimes it doesn't. I have had dogs stir up the woods and I turned out the winner. Now when a dog owner ignores posted signs and enters posted land looking for dogs or on purpose lines a property line and turns the dogs out on a track to flush the posted track well then..... I have a major problem with that. Let us all remember that not all dog hunters are idiots. Just go to any walmart and there you will see plenty of idiots. And they do not deer hunt!
    hey! i like walmart!....haha
    It's amazing how people like to label others b/c of a few. 'dog hunters are idiots' That's half the problem with our sport and society.

    I grew up dog hunting, and still go today during my winter vacation. However, if I had to pick a type of hunting, I personally rather bow hunt any day. Also, if it wasn't for dog hunting I wouldn't be a hunter today. In the future I hope to be more invovled in dog hunting once my son (if he does) shows interest in hunting. I think it's a great way to start an interest in such a wonderful sport. It offers a lot of action and allows one to enjoy the great outdoors. Having that said, I myself get frusrtated with those around me and their ways of hunting. However, I understand that hunters are PEOPLE and no matter what type of hunting they do, there are 'idiots' everywhere. In conclusion, I would be willing to bet that 90% of those that talk negative about dog hunting were not born or did not grow up in our wonderful state or picked up the sport of hunting later in life.

    Viper- ethical shots...correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember a few years ago you posting hunts on here that brought up a lot of negative remarks due to the fact of the shots you took. For ex. shooting a deer with the bow, it laying there, crawling around, while you watched and shot at another deer. I'm no saint...nor am I a hypocrite.
    Amen Pimpscoe
    You read my mind. I remember those old post from viper. I grew up dog hunting and am still a part of a very well organized dog hunting club now. We take a specific amount of does each year and bucks that are harvested horns can not fit inside a 5 gallon bucket. Its funny because the only problem that my club is having is from three guys that strictly still hunt. They shoot small bucks during the week and try and slip them out of the club without being caught. But hopefully they have done it for the last time. The by-laws state if caught with a buck smaller you will be eliminated from the club and all three have been caught this year. Dont get me wrong I still hunt almost every morning and evening and love it, but if it were not for dog hunting I probably would not have this passion. This is the reason on Saturday morning almost every member of my club has a young boy or girl riding with them introducing them to hunting and the great outdoors. Each and every one of the kids love it and cant wait until the next Saturday to do it all over again.So guys hate if you want to hate thats fine but i have seen just as many if not more bad decisions and terrible shots made by still hunters over the years.
    Guys, Listen...This Topic comes up every year and we can sit and talk and Bash each other until it comes up again Next season and the Next and nothing will get solved...We are ALL out there doing what we Love to do and that's share our outdoor passion. YES, We owe it to the animals life to do it as quick and painless as we can but No One is Perfect and Things happen at the heat of the Moment... Everyone has different views and opinions on everything they do...It's how we was taught and what was Breed into us...Coke vs Pepsi-Chevy vs Ford- Remington vs Winchester- Bait vs No-Bait and of Course Dog Hunting vs Still Hunting ETC...The List Goes on Forever. Basspuller made a More choice of Words with his 'Idiot' remark and he has not even been back to comment on his own Post...Fuel keeps getting added to the Fire and it really needs to stop Guys...Of Course if you took your First Deer in front of hounds then, Yes, Thats a Rush your gonna want to re-live over and Over...It's Legal and a Old Tradition so in my opinion More power to ya and GOOD LUCK but we all should respect each others Choice if the Laws are Not being Broke...As mentioned by another Comment...Trespassing on anothers land or turning Dogs loose to drive private land while you wait on the other side...Well, You can Cutsie it up anyway you want but it's still Wrong...Does Everybody do it? NO...But everybody doesn't throw a deer carcass out beside a public Road either but you let the Non-Hunters see this Kind of action and ALL the Hunters will be Blamed!!! Sure I would Hate to have a Dog bust through my set-up and ruin my Hunt while I still hunted BUT like I have said countless Times...It's NOT the Dogs Fault...They have been Cooped up all year and they wanna Have some Fun Also LOL... Guys, I will take it upon myself to Delete this Post if People continue to be Called-Out...Basspuller seems like a Good Guy and like I said, He made a Poor choice of words but in my Opinion, Post such as This only makes a heated Debate Hotter and for NO Reason...I'm Not taking any Sides what-so-ever...I tried both types of Hunting and Made my own choice to the Style I liked best,Just as You guys have....So lets Stick together and Enjoy Gods Creation and His WildLife as Hunters...It's a Small world and with the Number of People that are againest HUNTING...We Need Each Other!!!

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome To Halifax and Northampton Counties
    Welcome to Halifax and Northhampton Counties. You are lucky because these two counties are alway on the top 10 list of most reported deer killed (Big un's too). Typically 4,500 reported deer per county.

    The terrain is flat, thick, swampy at times, but due to all the peanuts, soybeans, and some're gonna see a lot of deer. Deer are hunted on large blocks of land, lots of cut-overs due to the paper co. land.

    Dog clubs are well established there, and there's nothing wrong with them. I've hunted for years with great dog clubs up there. It is very much a social gathering. It would cost you $3 per missed shot in the clubs I was in. Lots of lies told around the camp fire and lots of EATING.

    Out of 35 members, maybe 4 were hardcore hunters.
    Land leased and hunted could be anywhere from 10,000-15,000 acres, but that was back in 2005. Leases have gone up.

    Lots of good people, very family oriented clubs, and the meat is divided up and shared, but there are good and bad in all things.

    Sometimes while still hunting, the dogs will help get the deer moving for you. Up North they do man drives, never heard of that down here.

    The club I was in had a cabin, snack fridge, cleaning station, gut/carcass pit, club dogs/kennel, kids nights, shooting range, no cursing, no alcohol, and very, very Christian and family oriented, still hunting every other day....dues $500/year.

    Everyone was very safety conscious, we did not run our dogs on other peoples properties. We caught other clubs dogs and returned them, and they did the like with us. Took my son hunting with me since he was 5-years old.

    Like everything, you'll get good and bad. I just think you're super lucky to be hunting in Halifax or Northampton. Count your lucky stars.

    Good luck this year. Things aren't a big deal, if we don't make it a big deal.
    Right and Wrong
    Guys as one of the moderators I want to clear the air.

    We all love the outdoors bottom line. I would think for the most part we all hunt for the same reasons. I am not speaking for everyone here but for me it is the MEAT, Fellowship, stressful jobs and enjoying god’s creation. So to me whether it is bow hunt, rifle hunt, Muzzleloader hunt, Still hunt or dog hunting it is all a sport we enjoy.

    I persoanlly do not dog hunt but know people that do and they do it very well... Do I agree with what they do? Yes I can sympathy because it is a sport that they enjoy. Do all the dog hunters to the right thing no. Do the still hunters do the right thing NO.? We are human……

    I got a little situation with a still hunter around my farm that is starting to unfold. So I DECIDED to call the game warden today because they are shooting near my property non stop. Also heard several shots after shooting light. Bottom line this not being responsible as a still hunter. Again everybody knows right and wrong. I know everyone can be a little vocal at time but let’s work together understanding everyone’s view without getting defensive.