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  • 8 Pt. killed Nov. 1st in full velvet

    I killed this 8pt. last night November 1st. And to my surprise the buck was still in full velvet. Any ideas or thoughts as to why a buck such as this would still be in velvet so late in the year?
    First welcome to the site. That is a nice BUCK and very special that it is still in velvet so late.

    That is a great question and not sure if I can answer it but will give it my best shot. Did the buck have any testicles? Not sure if check or not but that could be one of the causes. Next this condition in whitetail bucks that result in antlers in velvet beyond the normal velvet-shedding date of late August to early September is called cryptorchidism. In extreme cases both testicles remain in the abdominal cavity and never descend into the scrotum. The normal production of testosterone is diminished, and the antler cycle of hardening, velvet shedding, and antler casting is altered. These same results can sometimes be produced in a normal buck that suffers a testicular injury.

    Hope this helps
    Great Buck
    The only aswer I have is....he was waiting for you! Creel sounds correct. Great buck and Congrats! Time to get the young lady in the picture on the tree!
    Cool deal
    That's just a great buck, and wild that it's still in velvet.

    Creek, you are a genius!