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  • Dbl Bowkill in NC mtns Filmed completely w/a Smartphone!

    This is a video I filmed from start to finish with a smartphone! Me & my father traveled up to Ashe County for a wkend bowhunt and the first morning we both whacked one! Let me know what you think!!
    Nice Work
    That pretty neat man!! Good job on the slickheads!!
    Welcome to the web site and thanks for that great video.

    This is a good video that shows several things that stand out. At 3:50 into the video if you watch the tip of the arrow, you can see John's rhythm of his heart beat which only gets more noticeable the closer to the shot he gets. This is what it's all about....ADRENALINE!

    The second thing is how long that doe stands at the corn before coming into a shot lane. Notice how she strolled through the woods before she got close to the corn. This is why if I have a corn pile I sit away from it and catch them relaxed. She did settle down after a while but 50 or 60 yards away she wouldn't have been so on guard!

    Nothing wrong with sitting on the corn....but you better do everything right as John did.

    Thanks man that was cool!
    great job
    Great job and welcome.I felt like I was there.
    Thanks guys!
    Appreciate it guys!! I had a blast makin that video and cant wait to get more footage. Made it even better I got to share it with my pops!

    Yeah, she took her sweet time coming in! She looked at me a cpl times but never spooked. She actually pegged me when I drew but I held for a little bit and when I noticed she wasnt going to bolt I settled the pin in the sweet spot! She watched me as I slowley lowered the bow to get on her vitals! What a rush!!