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  • Bear Hunting Proposal

    This is my response to the NCWRC. They are asking for imput on the bear management policy that will be inacted to cover 2011-2021. Please follow this link and make a comment:

    I am an avid hunter and hunt mostly deer. I would love to hunt bear but I am a still hunter. I have hunted for bear with a friend whom owns bear dogs in Jones county. I being a resident of Sampson county through trail cam observations have notice a dramatic increase in bear numbers. The hunting laws for bear as set right now do not allow a still hunter to take bear due to the presence of bait set out for the purpose of deer hunting.

    The problem lies in that the lands in Sampson county and the hunting clubs vs private non-hunting land owners do not facilitate the ability for bear hunters to run their dogs for bear so they don't hunt these areas. The bear are going unchecked and are disturbing the lands that clubs have traditionally used for deer hunting. This compounded by the intermittent blocks of land sold to non-hunters and the bear problems are driving out deer hunters.
    If the laws were changed to allow baiting for bear then the hunting opportunities for still hunters would drastically change these now inaccessible areas to bear hunters and the bear populations could be put in check. Controlling the population is a valid concern and the swift change to allow baiting may open the door to too many bear being harvested. I feel this could be controlled with a baiting allowed change by a bear lottery or bear tag draw system.

    If left unchecked as it is now the bear will continue to drive out deer which is what is happening now in this area, by sows and cubs showing up at deer bait stations. I have already seen and have heard of the dis-interest of hunting these areas because of the increase in bear! Please consider this option and level the tables for every hunter and not just bear specific hunters! Remember there are more hunters in general than bear hunters and we all pay your slary!
    im confused...
    you can still kill a bear in sampson county you just cant shoot them over bait correct? i hunt them in onslow county and its the same dates for the season.
    Bear REGS
    You can not shot a bear on property that has bait on it period! But if you use dogs you can bait and trail the bear from the bait pile. That is the problem. Most of the deer hunters have bait piles, if you're 100 yards away from a bait pile and you didn't even know it was there and shoot a bear as a still will be ticketed!
    thanks for clearing that up
    Thats a load of crap in my opinion. what do you want done on the comment link you put up here. i guess the only advantage i have down here is i hunt on government land and we arent allowed to bait at all.
    Bear food
    I agree with the still hunter being able to hunt bear over bait by PERMIT ONLY untill the NCWRC is in check with the actual approximate population of bear in any given area. I do not agree with the possibility of a hunter hunting bear being ticketed for bait on a tract of land placed by others for deer or other than bear. I also know why the NCWRC has the bait law for bears. Give a inch and some will take a mile. It is like turkey season. If you are hunting a 2000 acre tract like I am and a mile away someone still has a deer feeder going then a wildlife officer could ticket me. Is it right? No, I do not think so. On another note, with state funding being cut and their being less paid wildlife officers on duty, I guess it would be likely that one could hunt and not be ticketed with bait on property.
    I have not ever bear hunted but have had some land down there in Sampson county but didn't bait it. The land I hunted was leased from a man named Shelton Vass in Spivey's Corner and all his land had huge fields of corn, soybeans, and sweet potatoes. Here's my question would the Wildlife ticket me if I had shot one of the bears eating the sweet potatoes out in the field? Cause I could've killed plenty eating them and the landowner wanted me too but didn't know how to clean or even cook bear meat. Also Viper since I can't hunt there since my run in with the wildlife for another deer if I can find his humber you want to lease some land it's $100 for 2600 acres?
    Randleman...e-mail me on the land lease thing. As far as corn fields or potato you wouldn't be ticketed.

    The state has worked hard to get bear numbers up and that's important. I have heard of situation of still hunting clubs shooting bear in the gut just to get rid of them not for the meat. This would be a bad thing if it were true....IDK.

    I hunt a friends land that is also leased by a dog club that baits heavily for deer. This year and last it is getting harder and harder for them to bait because of the bear. However that is slowly playing into my hands. The bait will be gone and I plan to hunt the bear. The problem for me is I don't know where all their bait piles are out of respect for them and not looking for them. Some of there members have even started still hunting a little and are having some success until the bear show up.

    You skin a bear like you skin a deer and cook the meat like you cook a deer. The only diference is bear meat taste better in my oppinion and you know how I love deer meat.

    I have read most of the bear management plan they are proposing and the only thing not clear is making it where still hunters can cash in on the bear hunting. I'm for no bait but, thats hard to do when deer season and bear season overlap.

    The plan is for a 10 year time period. Once will be hard to change.
    shooting bears in gut for low lifes
    I've heard the same rumor and anybody who would shoot a bear in the gut is the same kind of low life who would shoot a doe in the gut to make it crawl off and die and I've heard about that, too ... selfish, selfish, selfish is what I'm reading ... ViperX seems to not be able to make up his mind -- at one time he is for baiting and the next time he is against baiting ... the solution is easy -- NO BAITING! For anything, deer or bear. I've hunted with bear clubs that don't bait and don't turn dogs out on bait piles. There's so many deer now if you can't kill a deer without bait you don't even deserve to call yourself a hunter ... hey, if you gotta, go shovel up some bags of white oak acorns ... deer will eat them and they're perfectly legal and a natural food. Don't cost $10 for 50 pounds neither. Use some common sense and quit doing stupid things like gut-shooting animals that gives hunters a bad rep among non-hunters. Hey, they's more of them than there are of us so don't be so arrogant as to think you can do just anything you want ... get real.
    'Use some common sense and quit doing stupid things like gut-shooting animals that gives hunters a bad rep among non-hunters. Hey, they's more of them than there are of us so don't be so arrogant as to think you can do just anything you want ... get real'

    I am assuming you were directing this towards people in general that would do this and not anybody mentioned above. Nobody said they participated in those acts of foolishness. Viper clearly said it was a bad thing if it actually happened but He didn't know if it did. If it did them shame on them.

    As far as baiting that is another story. So what if someone throws out a bag of corn to attract deer??? Anything to tip the odds in your favor that are legal then so be it. I hunt where I bait and I hunt in stands that I don't have to bait. I have planted food plots to attract deer and I have thrown out corn, sweet potatoes, and acorns to attract deer. So what?? I can kill a deer with or without bait. Just because someone uses bait to increase their chances doesn't mean they are inferior hunters or 'not hunters at all'. From what I have read, Viper's stance on baiting was pretty clear. Most hunters in the SE choose to use bait for deer hunting. We do have a pretty good population of bear in this part of the State. If you use corn to attract deer then there is always the possibility of attracting bears. The problem is that the two seasons overlap. There should be a separate season for black bears IMO. We are starting to see more and more around home. If something is not done then they will be taking to our neighborhoods and towns. I do not have a problem with not taking a bear over bait, but at the same time I don't think you should be punished if there is bait in the area, whether it is yours or somebody else's. However, I would not have a problem if they allowed baiting for bears. You can bait for deer so why not bear?? I hunt one farm that adjoins 20+ thousand acres of US Gov. property in Onslow County. Every year we see a good number of bears due to sweet potatoes being on the farm. So because of this rule I cannot shoot any of them, whether I am hunting over the sweet potatoes or a thousand yards away on the other side of the farm. I think that rule should change but if it doesn't then no big deal.

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion! It doesn't mean it's right but it's their opinion. We as hunters should not be calling people out or disrespecting other because of their opinions. There are plenty of non hunters that want to take away our right to hunt and I love it way to much to be bashing other hunters on their style of hunting. If you are doing something illegal or as unethical as shooting an animal and leaving it to suffer and die then you are not a hunter!! In order to be a hunter you must respect what you are hunting and if you can do the above mentioned to an animal then you have no respect for that animal and in my eyes are not a hunter.

    Just my 2 Cents......
    Hey you stated there are too many deer to count vs the numbers of bear. All I was saying is deer hunters bait for deer and if they baited for bear, it would make it too easy for everyone to get a bear and the numbers of bear would drastically deminish. The problem is that baiting creates a problem for still hunters trying to bear hunt. YOU are unique...because I don't know a bear hunter with dogs that doesn't bait. In fact they have lobbied for the baiting of bear and Fish and Game has only drawn a line in the sand that they cant kill bear over bait. Not the same for still hunters. My suggestion is to allow baiting which solves the problem of hunting bear on deer land but, to limit the taking of bear to limited tags through a lotto/draw system. It is a very complicated issue.

    I have baited a few areas for early season bow hunting and camera sites but have not baited anything in over 6 weeks. Of the 5 deer I've shot this year only 1 was at a bait site and it was my brother-in-laws that doesn't hunt but eats deer meat. This is mountain land that I don't scout and usually have 2 days to hunt when I go up there, to get meat for him.

    If I had my choice I would vote no baiting anything but, this would limit the success to beginner hunters i.e. the youth which are important to the future of this sport. I'm not wishy washy, I'm just standing on the fence and thinking about everyone's interest.

    When I went to Creeks place I choose not to hunt bait stations or stand locations already set up. I just used my limited knowledge of the land to find my own stand locations.

    LOL shoveling up acorns to attract deer is no different than baiting with corn. Corn, Sweet potatoes, peanuts are natural foods...they've been here since the first settlers...oaks just aren't commercially farmed!
    The Great DE-Bait
    Well Guys I don't have alot of Common sense and still do my share of Stupid things LOL And Up until a few years ago I myself was againest Baiting simply because I wasn't taught to hunt that way and if My Grand-Pa was still living he would wear me out with a Hickory Switch for even mentioning killing a Deer over bait BUT....Times have changed and I have a Daughter now so Yeah I Bait and have a Purty little shooting house to keep her Comfortable and interested while we wait...It's Quality Time together for us and we have left the Stand a many evenings with Deer around us and Unharmed...I Don't have NOTHING to prove to anyone and Don't have to shoot every Deer I see to enjoy my passion for the outdoors. I hope the day comes when she decides to shoot LOL but it's the memories that Keep us Going together. As for what I could understand about the Topic here...It does seem like the Deer Hunters are being punished in a way with the way the seasons over-Lap and that's just gonna cause more heated arguments in my opinion...I tell people 'To Each thier own' and if you dont want to bait then DON'T!! But what I have found is...If your not Baiting on a small tract and your nieghbor is...Well, You don't need much Common sense to figure that one out...Good Luck to all you Guys.
    No line in the sand for baiting
    Viper: not trying to stir it but the line in the sand does not include no hunting bear over bait for dog hunters .... they can strike a bear at a bait pile and shoot him 1 foot away; that's the law ... I'm telling you that almost never happens ... most dog bear hunters are there for the chase and not the kill .... bear won't stand still while leash man walks up to the bait pile, not matter how much the bear is liking the corn or sweet taters ..... Wildlife knows this .... they did the rule so that nobody would get tickets for bear huntng over bait, as used to be the case all the time when you had deer and bear seasons overlap ... is it totally fair to still hunters? Probably not. But to the guy who said it ain't fair, why do you reckin that is? It's becaus Wildlife knows there's 1 million deer in NC and a fraction of that in bear and if you let still hunters bait, pretty soon they'd be almost no bear after it took us all this time to build up our bear ... the SIMPLE solution is what I already said -- NO BAITING for everybody, deer and bear? Somebody says well, that ain't right because I want to teak my little gun in a deer stand ... OK, put up the stand at a white oak sstand or next to a corn field or on a trail going to a beddin' area .... HUNT the d..g things; don't lure 'em with corn, whatever, and call it huntin...No bait solves the problem...still gonna have whiners no matter what Wildlife does but there's plenty of deer and bear now so it ain't that hard to find one to shoot if you got to kill somehing and that's all you want
    Totaly Fair
    IMO Let's Just make it totally fair....NO BAITING, NO DOGS. Still hunters can't go to the bait pile or strike a bear just by driving down the road. Everybody tries to hedge the odds in some way!

    Fair...Real were getting somewhere!
    I think between you and I we can go to the NCWRC and fix this dilemma! I think we are both pretty much on the same ideal. I'm for no baiting and no dogs!
    Bear issue
    The NC bear hunters association must have alot of influence in the legislature and with the NCWRC. According to the NCWRC allowing baiting for still hunters would cause to many bears to be harvested. Because bears are vunerable to baiting. However it is OK for dog hunters to strike a track at a bait sight. Sounds like this is unfair to still hunters. I have hunted bear in Canada and can tell you that baitng will increase bear harvest. The average joe will be able to bait and kill a bear. I believe if the NCWRC believes baiting will cause to many bear to be killed, they should offer the permits on a limited draw like some western states. This will give the average joe the chance to bear hunt,dogs or no dogs. and eliminate the baiting issue.
    I too have hunted and lived in the western states. Folks... deer hunting for the most part in Northern California is by draw or lotto! Their purpose is because of too many hunters and not enough deer! Topgun you are so right the bear hunter association has this thing locked up. I guess the state needs to decide what's fair to all hunter/tax payers. I don't see the deer numbers coming down but as you stated the bear numbers will. That would not be a good thing!