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    Well once again the gracious invite went out from Creek07 for the 2nd annual Moderator deer bow hunt. Just as always Creek was a great host and the property is just beautiful.

    Creek surprised us all by asking Duplin County Bow hunter, a member of this site to join us this year. One thing I can say about Creek is he is a great guy with a generous heart! I had met DCB briefly at the Dixie Deer Classic, but we all got to know him this week end. Great guy with a great attitude! Positivity will get you far in life!

    It was a rough week end for seeing deer because the bucks have their game on in Anson. Every morning you would see another fresh scrape or rub that wasn't there the day before. I bet I saw 25 or 30 scrapes and rubs on 4 and 5 inch trees, I just don't see here in Sampson County!

    We got to hunt Friday afternoon for the first hunt. I sat a small opening of dog fennel weeds in a saddle the first afternoon. I hadn't been on stand for more than an hour when a 2 1/2 year old NICE 8 point came in within 50 yards of me and started a scrape. He was about 14 inches wide and G2's were maybe 6 or 7 inches tall.

    I videoed him for about 20 minutes. He'd paw the ground then rake the tree branches over his head. At one time he saw me move and stared me down with the old 'head weave' thing for at least 10 minutes. He settled back down and raked the ground some more.

    At a point he seemed to be done and started walking back up the hill in the direction he had come from. I couldn't help myself, I picked up my grunt call and 'gruuuunnnnt' a long grunt out. Man that messed him up. He whipped around and came running back down the hill, came to a quick stop right in the middle of the scrape he had just made like a baseball player sliding into home plate. Chest all bowed out, like how dare another buck be at his scrape. He hung out for 5 minutes and walked back up the hill. Again 'Grunnnntttt', but this time he just stopped and looked back for a minute and kept walking! That was cool and the night ended with no other sighting.

    Saturday morning long before sunrise, I hike in to another spot a little further up the hill from where I had seen the buck the night before. One thing about this property is when you think you've seen it discover something more!

    I walked up on a ridge to the property line and this beautiful Oak lined old road with oaks on one side and pines on the other. I could almost close my eyes and imagine years ago that a horse, pulled buggy would have been coming down this road with the oaks hanging over the road. It was that kind of place and dead quite!

    I climbed a big pine that was wrapped with a hickory tree, that was on the edge of the road. The sky started getting light and I was excited, this place had that big buck feel. I had been on stand for maybe an hour when out of nowhere and 50 yards away through the thick pines 'Crash' the sound of antlers hitting together. It was just one hit and I thought maybe I was just hearing things, and I was, because 'Crash' there it went again. Now, my heart was pounding and about to blow out of my chest. 50 yards away and I couldn't see a thing. I just knew they would walk around the little corner in the road at any minute. Nothing ever showed so at 10:30 I climbed down the oak, walked around the corner and saw a fresh scrape, rub and the thick blanket of pine straw in the road was all rototilled up.

    I walked back to the curve in the road and down the ridge where I found some huge white oaks with the ground all torn up under them. This was where I would hunt the evening. I put my climber on a tall pine that looked straight down the ridge. There was a little gully with white oaks on both sides.

    I got back to camp and everyone was there except DCB. We all joked he's probably sleeping in the ground blind as Creek was cooking burgers on the grille. Well, DCB must have been downwind because a few minutes later he was back at camp. Folks DCB and GT can eat! I forgot to mention GT supplied Ribeyes and I made baked potatoes and a huge salad the night before. We eat in camp!

    After lunch we planned our evening hunts. GT decided to go with me and not sit his corn pile. I had picked out the pine overlooking the oaks because I felt it was a good spot and the bucks had been fighting up hill and to the left of that area that morning. After rock, paper scissors, one round of thumb wrestling and a flip of the (joking)...GT talked me into letting him sit my tree. I walked down the ridge and through a cut over to a spot that before I had even got to Creeks place, knew I wanted to hunt. It was where to large ponds on the property met in the middle. The front pond had water and the back pond was dry and looked more like a cut over. The 50 yards wide and 80 yard tract of land between the pond was a spot I had seen last year and knew deer would use to cross from one side to the other. I sat 30 feet up a pine and 80 yards up the ridge that overlooked the crossing.

    I never saw any deer that evening but low and behold....'CRASH' the slamming of antlers right at dark, probably 80 yards away from me. It was so loud that GT 300 yards up the ridge from me could hear it. It was a real fight...not just sparing.

    I left my climber on the tree for the night and hiked out, now 7 or 800 yards from the truck. GT was waiting for me. He said he heard something walking to his left but never saw it and I just knew it had to be the buck that was laying the scrapes.

    All alone the next morning (Sunday) I made my way back to the pond crossing. First thing I hear is a deer blowing and running my way. It ran through the crossing and I had heard this same blowing the day before. I think it was being chased by a Coyote. I texted everyone around 8am that the move time was forecasted to be 8:45 to 10:45am. Well at 8:50 hear come 3 does across the crossing. I just knew they would continue up the ridge to the cut over behind and to my right but, no they crossed and went left. 10 minutes behind them came another doe. As deer will do, I knew she would follow there path so I clipped on. The spot down the ridge was 80 feet lower and 65 yards away. As she came into view briefly I drew back, gave her the old 'mahhhh' sound, she stops, I release and watch that hussy 'chest plant' the ground as the arrow passed over her shoulder by 2 inches. Well the 3rd day in, I got to dirt check a broad head.

    Creek had left camp Saturday night. GT left Sunday morning and DCB and I were left at camp. After the morning hunt and a little camp clean up, we head back to the woods.

    I went to Creek's lock on. (hey Creek...I couldn't find the oxygen tank up there)! Dang that thing is high...and on a skinny pine! Creek said the doe always come in there so with high hopes I sat it from 3:30 to 7pm. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't seeing deer until about 6:15 I saw why! I big coyote had slipped in from the direction the deer use to come in. Less than an hour left of shooting light I knew it was a bust. It was about then when DCB text me he had shot a doe.

    One thing that stands out about this years hunt. Is I have never seen more sign, or heard more fighting bucks in one place than Creeks place! Even though I left empty handed, my head and my heart was filled with good times and great memories.

    Congrats to DCB for ground checking one and to the best host I know, thank you Creek for the invite! Good Luck in ML season.
    Viper, We (DCB and Myself) were just doing our part eating so it would be less to Pack up LOL...Speaking of those Rib-eyes...I forgot about the 2 that were left over...That would have tasted awesome when I was in the Stand Sunday Morning...Man, I know I'm younger but I got Chilly LOL....Once again I Enjoyed it!!!!
    LOL GT..... Let this old guy teach you how to stay on stand when it's cold. You take left over Ribeyes with you because food makes your body warm.....ask the deer. Only joking I ate the ribeyes today for lunch. Thanks but that was the price for giving up my! Had a great time!
    Good Times
    Nice P by P Viper!! GT was right. If we would not have ate all the food then I just don't know where we would have put it all. Heck, we probably helped your truck get better gas mileage hauling a lighter load lol. It was a great trip though with great memories.
    Great story Viper and thanks for the play by play I felt like I was sitting in the stand with you each time you went out. Sounds like you had a great time and I may be a skinny kid but I could probably give GT and DCB a run for their money on eating lol! Congratulations to DCB on the Doe and glad you guys had a great time!!
    left out
    Man, I feel left out after reading that! lol

    This is what is all about: Getting guys together and meeting new friends.

    Thanks, Creek, for making it happen!