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  • Highs and Lows of My Mountain Hunt!

    Well I had a great week end in the mountains. Saturday morning I headed to the stand 1 hour before light. I haven't hunting this property since last year and had no scouting. The whole objective was to hunt meat! As I walked down the stone covered path to the tree that sat 20 feet up the bank on the curve of the road, I shined my flashlight up the hill to find the tree and 20 yards behind the tree are 5 pair of eyes.

    I knew if I could get the deer to quietly leave without blowing they would be right back as soon as the sun came up. The wind was in my favor so I slowly slipped up the bank towards the tree, all 5 pair of eyes watching. The big boss doe stood up and turned walking up the hill with the others to follow. No blowing so I felt I had a chance.

    Up the tree to the 20 foot mark I went. At 20 feet the mountain side behind me is eye level 30 feet behind me. The road bed below if 40 to 50 feet down. Some of you might remember my post 'View To A Kill', this is the same tree.

    8:30 rolls around and sure enough, here comes a yearling down the hill from my right. It passes 20 feet from the base of my tree and down the bank to the road bed. My brother-in-law had sprinkled shelled corn all over the road. Right behind the yearly comes big doe. she followed the same path and into the road. I had no shot to the right side. Two steps in the road and big doe looks straight up at me. The wind was blowing downhill from right to left so I know to sit still. Being the Queen of the woods she knows this lump on the tree is out of place. She walks back uphill right to the base of my tree and behind me. She continues downhill to the left through the dense cedars and pops out 50 yards away....nose held high in the wind trying to sniff me out. Thanks to the scentlok she can't smell me so she comes up to the tree from my left, sniffing all the way. Nervous and still unsure of what I am she wonders uphill behind me and away. Rats...I'm thinking.

    About 45 minutes later I hear fast approaching deer through the leaves from up hill left. I turn and see through the cedar branches, another big doe with 2 button bucks in tow. Straight to the base of my tree. I'm starting to think, 'I'm sitting on the wrong tree today'. They stand under me for 20 minutes and the doe leads them up the hill and away to my shot.

    I thank the good lord for the great sight of all these deer in a short time but I was here for a different reason than sightseeing today.

    Around 10:30am I see two doe coming up the stone covered road from downhill and left. I know this is the approach I had been waiting for. Due to my brother's gracious supply of corn, these does have stopped to feed behind some grape vines and trees a good 45 yards down. I stand up and grab my bow off the hook and clip on in anticipation of them feeding up the road and into view. One doe stops feeding and puts her nose in the air to scent check with the wind blowing straight to them. Now I'm nervous that they might pick me off but, so far I've been good. I decide when the bigger doe gets to the window that the two crossing Polar trees are creating, I can make the 40 yard shot. The far side of the road drops straight off down to a creek. I can hear the babble of the creek over the falling leaves so I know I'm good as far as sound goes. As the doe steps forward into the window and still feeding, I come to full draw. I can see that the doe is about 10 yards on the other side of the trees and the window is about 16 inches wide and 30 yards away. All I can think is don't graze the tree. I release the arrow and it flies true as the doe starts dropping and backing out of the shot path....too late...swack the arrow makes it's target and the doe launches over the bank and out of sight towards the creek. The other doe is standing in shock....what just happened! I knock another arrow, she in the same window now, my heart racing and draw, release and smack. The arrow glaces off the side of the tree. I grab another arrow, the doe 2 steps down hill in the shade of the tree, still in the stone covered road. I draw back and release and watch the arrow head directly on target and then dive straight down to the rocky road and right under her. The arrow had glanced off I small grape vine I didn't see. The doe runs off without blowing.

    I sat on the tree another 30 minutes thinking the second doe would come back. After not seeing her I decided to climb down...half way down the tree I turned and looked behind me and guess who's standing in the road with my bow now on the ground. The second doe. This time she blows her head off letting the whole forest know.

    The first doe, I quickly recovered 30 yards away. She had crossed the creek and piled up. There is only one thing I don't like about hunting the mountains.....rocky soil. 3 of 6 G5 Montec broadheads with flattened tips.

    Sunday morning I hunting another part of the property. As the day before I was seeing deer in the Lunar move times. Sunday was not a good hunt.

    At about 9:30 in the morning, I had a doe come in from behind me. This set up I am just 20 feet above a logging road with the hillside eye level at 20 feet behind me and me only 15 feet up the tree.

    This doe I never heard until she snapped a branch. I looked straight down between my legs and she's below me licking my pull up rope. She stood there for 10 minutes and turned back to the left behind me. She then walks down the bank and into the logging road.

    Once again the corn is in the wrong place and plenty of it. I am sitting facing up the road to the right and she is down the road to my left.

    I quietly stand up, grab my bow and she is 10 yards left and almost right until me. She is totally unaware that I am even there. I clip on, come to full draw, lean over the left side of the climber and release. Wham....the bow just about hits me in the head and jumps out of my grip. I instantly realized my bottom bow limb just smacked the heck out of the side rail on my climber. The doe, like a streak of lightning is plowing through the cedars down the mountain, over a raven and out of sight. I have no idea where the arrow hit but I did hear the tail tail thump. I climbed down the tree and into the arrow. No blood. I felt sure than she was hit so I kicked on the GPS and for 2 hours looked everywhere I thought a deer would go. No arrow no blood, no sign, only the sick feeling she might die or live and I'll never know.
    Sounds like you had a great time. You sure had deer sightings and scored. I know the feeling of the no arrow, no blood. It makes us all sick when that happens.
    Dang Son, I was kidding when I said 'Kill'em as God Send'em' LOL....Man I am so ready to let the air out of a Big Doe....Sounds like you had a AWESOME Time.
    Sounds like you had a great time Viper with plenty of activity!! That's unfortunate about the shot. If I have one draw back about using my climber it's always knowing where those arms are. Inevitably my shot will be behind me and not out front where I have plenty of room lol! At least you did have a action packed trip though. We have all went thru those times and if you haven't you will eventually.....