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  • Berkeley Outdoors Marine Fall Classic Tournament

    Berkeley Outdoors Marine held their Fall Classic Tournament on Sunday out of Black's Camp...31 Teams fished total and 23 teams weighed fish TOTAL PAYOUT $5220.00

    The link below should take you to a gallery with all of the pictures!

    1st: Brett Mitchell 23LB, 7oz, $2,300.00
    2nd: Barrett/Bowles 15LB, 3oz, $920.00
    3rd: Beavers/Beavers 14LB, 11oz, $555.00
    4th: Jackson/Clark 14LB, 6oz, $420.00
    5th: Smith/Berryman 13LB, 14oz $285.00
    6th: Fowler/Krenshaw 13LB, 13oz $120.00

    Big Fish Brett Mitchell 8LB, 9oz $620.00

    7th: Grooms 13LB, 8oz
    8th: Keller/Perrine 12LB, 9oz
    9th: Arnold/Cox 12LB, 5oz
    10th: Thornhill/Thornhill 12LB, 1oz
    11th: Clifton/Mayler 11LB, 12oz
    12th: Smith/Green 11LB, 5oz
    13th: Rodgers/Schindlecker 10LB, 3oz
    14th: Reinke/Jennings 9LB, 11oz
    14th: Brinson/English 9LB, 11oz
    16th: Wren/Mullinax 9LB, 7oz
    17th: Holmes/Smith 7LB, 7oz
    18th: Robertson/Luchini 5LB, 12OZ
    18th: Dennis/Casey 5LB, 12oz
    20th: Cook/Wolf 5LB, 3oz
    21st: Unger/King 3LB, 8oz
    22nd: Robey/Driggers 3LB, 3oz
    23rd: Carleton 1LB, 9oz