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  • nice ten point

    10 point killed 9/29/11 same spot as non typical i killed on 9/24/11
    Just like LARGEMOUTHS
    Just like LARGEMOUTHS....A good place to live is simply a good place to live. That is a fact. Good Bucks will frequent the same haunts year after year, simply because it is a good place to live. If they have everything that they need then they will usually stick around!! GREAT BUCKS!!! Let it rest until next year and do it again!!!
    Sweet deal!
    Great buck, finepayer! Do you have a green score for it?

    Also, if you're subscriber to South Carolina Sportsman magazine, you need to change the forum category to 'Bag-a-Buck Contest' so you'll be eligible for the great prizes in that contest!

    Welcome aboard, and keep us updated on your hunting!
    not a subscriber i buy mag from store. i guess to late to subscribe and enter this deer
    subscribe and enter it!
    Not at all, finepayer: If you want to subscribe now, you can absolutely enter the deer.

    Just go click on the 'Subscribe' number in the top menu!

    And then change your post's category to 'Bag-a-Buck Contest.'