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  • big-n-nasty (primo)

    Man O Man as you guys know this deer took me on a roller coaster ride if you checked out my report on the deer forum titled 'my worst nightmare'. i couldn't give up hope on this monster. my personal best. I shot the beast on friday afternoon, then finally today tuesday the 20th of september my cousin and i found him. we were driving down the dirt road and spotted a good number of buzzards perched up in a big dead limbed pine so we had to check it out. we started walking down in the this cow hollow in some cleared out brush when my cousin started yelling LOOK LEFT LOOK LEFT!!! i almost fell out when i saw him. Dream come true. gotta say never could've harvested a deer like this if it wasn't for planting great food plots and harvesting mature bucks. go get em... and he will be mounted. just got to get another cape
    Check out the front-page story!
    The story of how southstyletiles shot, lost and then found this great buck is on the site's front page!
    Great job finding the deer and not giving up on him. I can't imagine how disappointed you were to see that deer walking off and knowing it might die and never be found.

    But, you stuck to your plan of looking high and low and found him. Excellent harvest and thanks for sharing your story here. It's been great seeing that first deer cam photo of this deer, reading your details of the hunt, then seeing the final result of it!
    Man what a buck! They dont get much bigger than that.Glad you found him,good job and keep posting pics.
    Glad you didn't give up, sst! That's just a beautiful animal, and well worth the effort of tracking it down!
    Way to go! Let em go let em grow!!