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  • 1st doe with the turbohawk

    finally got to go this week and it paid off. got my 1st deer with my hoyt tonight. ran about 50 yds after the shot. hey viper,had 1 of those busted up hearts myself lol. them muzzys are what they say,'BAD TO THE BONE'.
    On the Boards!
    Right on....glad to hear you are on the boards. Those heart shots are pun! Congrats.

    I'm gonna try something different in the morning. I'm gonna hunt out of my ground blind on a little farm just out of town where a big doe is hanging out on a schedule. The only problem is it will be a 50 yard shot from where she comes out to where I can set the blind.!

    My heart shot this year was only my 3rd every with the bow! The first was the first deer ever with a bow, the second was Sky Scraper and the 3rd was that 4 pointer at 62 yards last Sunday!

    Did you do the back strap boogie?
    boogie down
    no man. the 1st thing was to thank the man above. then the boogie was on. got her in the a place in a cove in a bean field and tought about throwing up a blind myself.