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  • learning archery

    My 7 year old son is interested in learning bow hunting. Niether my husband or I know anything about hunting or archery. So, I thought I'd try some archery lessons (especially about safety), to see if he liked it. I've tried multiple times to get in touch with the person who runs Lifetime archery (email, voicemail, notes), with no response. Any suggestions for where my son can learn about archery? We live in Durham. Thanks!
    WELCOME to the Site hockeymom...Wow the last time I seen hockey was when i went to watch a Fight and a hockey game broke out LOL...I'm just kidding... Now, about your son...That's awesome that he is interested in archery and you guys can learn just about everything you need to know right here on this site...As far as 'Hands On training' to fit him with a Bow that 'Fits' him and not over-power him and definitely not end up with 'String Slap' with a Draw that is too long for his Frame like I did when i started shooting bows..unfortunately I'm not familiar with recommend a Pro Shop in your area...If you wanted to take the Trip to China Grove to S&S Graham Archery...They are Twin Sisters (Sonya and Si)that I have dealt with for years and Awesome people and REALLY know thier Stuff!!!Also There are hundreds of Videos on YouTube of archery but the Number 1 thing I can tell you is 'Make It Fun' and it will be!!!Archery is a GREAT Sport and I wish it was in Schools more like it was when I was 7 LOL...With his age, he has Plenty of time to learn the ABC's of archery and then step up gradually to the hunting world and then it's a whole new Ball....Check That....Hockey Game LOL...Your Son is Planning to take the life of a animal and we as Sportsman need do it in the Quickest most Human way Possible and That starts with knowing his Limits when the time comes to launch his arrow...Once it's on it's way...Just like a Bullet, It's to late to bring it back..I'll Help with anything I can as I'm sure the other Guys here will as well...So Ask away and don't be shy...Trust Me...We have DID or Heard it all LOL....Again Welcome to the Site!!!
    Too bad you don't live around Sampson County. My bow smith is great and knows just about everything you would want to know. My suggestion is find a good archery shop and preferable not a big box store! Stay tuned to this site and someone will come up with an answer.
    One thing I can suggest is as far as bows go if you haven't already purchased one. 'Diamond' makes a great youth bow that will adjust in draw weight and length as your son grows. That way your not buying a new bow every time the Cheerios's start kicking in! Good luck and this will be a great discipline for your son to learn!
    Try these folks for your son
    ROB REDA: President Broken Arrow Archery Club, 117 Wolf's Trail, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, 919-942-2602

    or Falls Lake Archery Association (Durham)
    Contact/Phone Jeff Murray 919.682.8110

    Falls Lake has youth events and training. They also have 3-D shoots (body-size animal targets) for advanced archers.
    You can also try this link to the north carolina bow hunter association Search their site for education.