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  • close to bedding area?

    i have been seeing 3 nice bucks at around 10pm in the same spot almost every nite i go spotlighting. is this an indication that they are close to their bedding area? if not how will i find their bedding area?
    No bedding area!
    They are probably out cruising for some dinner! The method I use for locating bedding areas is part knowledge of how bucks act and looking at satellite imagery. You can bet that a buck will always pick an area to bed in, that is undisturbed by anything! Thick areas with quick escape routes.
    You probably don't want to find the bedding area though.....if you do it won't be a bedding area any more. They will move. Here in Sampson county you can shine lights til 11pm but, I don't advise it. Bucks aren't stupid and once the light shining night after night my opinion....they get wise and know you are stalking them. They will bug out on you! Cameras are the best approach to see what you have on a property! Good luck!